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Shani's Day Print E-mail

Today Naomi and I were the student leaders. I got up early to do breakfast set up before having a meeting to fill in the student leader booklet.

My goal for today was to improve in my community engagement by spending less time in my room and joining in on games during spare time. I think I sort of achieved this as I didn’t spend any time in my room but there weren’t really any games to join in on. I am going to try to start up a game of Uno before dinner.
I found being student leader fairly easy as there wasn’t a big group of people to speak to. It was a good way to ease myself into public speaking as I generally try to avoid it.

As for classes today I stepped a little bit out of my comfort zone. Our classes were intro to bike riding followed by snorkelling.

I’m not a very good bike rider so the first half of the day was a bit difficult. Earlier this year I did a bike riding program at school but we rode mainly on pavement, so I wasn’t very familiar with this terrain. It was good to try riding on a mountain bike track and experience something new. I did ride into a few trees but nevertheless it was still a very enjoyable class.

By the time we were headed off to the beach it was pouring down rain outside. We were all a little unsure about how fun it was going to be snorkelling in the rain. The water was freezing but our wetsuits kept us warm – although mine did have a big hole in the back. We saw loads of new creatures and plants including an octopus, plenty of star fish, coral, and sea squirts. The visibility wasn’t amazing but I found it super enjoyable as I’d never been snorkelling before. We also found Abalone which is a really expensive type of meat. We couldn’t get it off the rock but I found an abalone shell in the sand. The shell was really cool; it was shiny with loads of different colours. I loved finding out things about creatures I’d never even heard of.

My Highlight of the day was probably poking the sea squirts. They shoot water out when you press on them; I spent most of my time at the beach finding them.

Shani- Sandringham College

Shani's Day




Canoe Ride Day Print E-mail

Today was pretty full on; I was the student leader for the day, which means I get everyone together at the start of classes and tell them what they will need and what’s going on. At the start of morning class, 9 o’clock, group 1 went out canoeing while group 1 got on the bikes and rode to them. It was only 15kms but it took us a while due to the various biking abilities. We stopped a few times on the way and had snacks then got going again. There were some pretty cool lookouts on the way and some little bits of single track. At one of the stops Mr Gladstone got Yusef’s GoPro and climbed a tree, so that when we rode pass he could get a good action shot from the above.

Once we arrived at the canoeing spot, group 1 had already finished their canoeing and had lunch, so they got on our bikes and we swapped activities. They rode back to the campus, and we ate lunch then went canoeing for a few hours. I was again in a canoe with Yusef, because we think we work really well as a team when canoeing. We are also going to be together for our 3 day canoe trip, coming up this Tuesday. Anyway, canoeing today was really fun, much better than last time because the river was narrow and surrounded with reeds. After going for a while there was a dead end, which we then went straight through the reeds on the side of the river and came out on the other side where the river continues. It was pretty much a secret passage, which was really cool. We kept going for a while then turned back. About 10 meters from where we started, there was a bridge, and Kiana, Lachy and a few other people were already back and standing on the bridge watching us. When we got close Lachy pushed Kiana off it into the water, as pay back for trying to splash us all the entire time. Once we all had gotten back we all congratulated Lachy, for being such a legend. We then caught the bus back to the campus and had afternoon tea.

Rahn- Bright P-12




Deja's Experience - CLP and Peer Skills Lessons - On Campus Print E-mail

Today our group stayed on campus and spent the morning on our CLP and spent the afternoon doing a thing called ‘peer skills’. The other group have departed on their 3 day expedition so it will just be our group for a while. It is definitely quieter without them here.

This CLP lesson has been the best and most productive so far with little disagreement and a lot of co-operation. Today we had to do our master plan final which we will present to people like the council and the secretary of the Court House so they have a clear outline of what our plan is. A masterplan is a booklet filled with information like what resources we need and what we are actually going to do to the Court House with the money we raise etc. etc.

After we did that we had a short break and in that break we all loaded into one of the buses and went down the what we called ‘spirit spot’ which is a tourist park hidden in the West Cape of Cape Conran for the opening of the wheelchair ramp at the beach. I love that Parks Victoria put that in their so handicapped people can still get down to the beach and experience the relaxation that the beach gives.

After that, we had a lesson on peer skills, which is basically learning about emotions, how different people deal with them and how to help someone if they aren’t feeling mentally stable. I found this topic really interesting and I learnt a lot from it. I learnt that I am definitely not the only one that has problems which was good to hear from everyone because sometimes I do think I’m alone with my struggles so it was nice to hear that I can talk to any of my friends whenever I need to because they understand and are going through the same stuff as me. I was pleased with how today went.

Deja- Bright P-12




Celebration of Remembrance - Naomi's Report of Her Day as Student Leader - On Campus Print E-mail

Today I was student leader again. And it’s also Remembrance Day! As student leaders, Shani and I organised a moment of silence for everyone at morning tea in remembrance of those who lost their lives for us many years ago.

This morning we did intro to bikes. I had great fun! Although at times it was a little hard especially all the sharp turn and small jumps/bumps in the track it was great and I’m sure mostly everyone had a good time.

Then at morning tea we had our moment of silence and also as a part of our community goal to be more considerate of others, we decided to do a ‘warm and fuzzy’ exercise. There were a few fights yesterday and a lot of tension in the air today so to regain peace in the community, Shani and I ran and organised an activity to do so that everyone could feel a bit better about themselves and overall happier. There were multiple sheets of paper around a table with a different students name above each piece of paper. Everyone had to write something that they liked about that person or what they thought was a strength of theirs. I think this exercise went really well and it definitely made me smile.

Lunch was also really nice and one of my favourites so far! We had pasta, salad and spinach and cheese triangles. I also really like our afternoon tea which was mini lemon meringue pies.

After lunch we went snorkelling! Although there was a lot of rain and even some hail. We put on our thermals, wetsuit and masks and went exploring. We ended up seeing heaps of cool coral and anemones, a seal, an octopus, abalone, shells, a crab and a weird type of prawn (like the one in Finding Nemo that cleans the fish tank and is kind of see through). Luckily it wasn’t too cold, other than the numb feet, hands and faces!

Celebration of Remembrance

Today was heaps of fun and I’m super excited for the rest of the week! Also group 1 are coming back tomorrow so it will be very interesting to see how they went and what the expo was like! I’m very glad that I’m not going this week and that I’m going next week firstly because of the horrible weather and secondly because then we get advice of what and what not to do.

Naomi- Sandringham College




Kiana's Report on Day 10 - On Campus Print E-mail

Group1 went out on “Expo” this morning, I miss them already.

Deja and I are the student leaders today, and if I’m honest I have not been enjoying it; simply because no one would listen and show respect when we are talking. And because I’m so drained right now.

I don’t think we achieved our community goal because everyone wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know how to play properly.

It’s been getting better towards the end of the day, our goal was to do some exercise during the day. Does a community walk count? I think that our goal could have been achieved to its full potential if people showed more respect. It wasn’t easy for us to stand up there and I felt like crap the whole time.

I know what to do know, and next time I’m student leader I’m going to take control. And if I could do something different today I would wait for everyone to be quiet and stop being rude before I speak.

-Kiana (Bright P-12 College)

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