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At Snowy I have made some amazing friendships, friendships that will literally last forever. Everyone at the SSL has an amazing attitude towards others and everyone is so nice to each other. I feel like I could tell everyone here my biggest secret ever because they are all just great friends. I am always going to keep in touch with these amazing people here, I love them so much! It’s also such a great place to get to know more people and make more friends because you literally eat, sleep and breath with them. They have seen you at your best and they have seen you at your worst but they still like you for you. At Snowy I feel like I can be myself around all of my peers , I have never been afraid of anyone laughing at me or saying something behind my back because I know these people as if I have known them for years but it’s only been 6 weeks and I trust them with everything.

Kimberley - Maffra SC




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Time EnjoyedWe have all had an absolute ball while being here at the Snowy River Campus. We have canoed, hiked, rode, surfed, snorkelled and much more. As we come closer to an end of our 9 weeks at Snowy, it’s amazing to think back and remember all the times and memories we have created and shared. I remember when I first arrived, how every activity we did, teachers would always be reminding us to make the most of everything we do, nobody took much notice to it then. Now when you look back and think, wow, we only got 3 or so weeks left, you wish you could do all those activities once again. We have all had a fantastic time here, and hope that the fun last all the way to till the end.

Graham - Sandringham College




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Yesterday Jacqueline and I and the environmental bike ride it was a 30 km journey that spanned the whole day. It started off with a large hill that was amazing even though the weather wasn’t that great we still had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We ended up in a place called Cabbage Tree Palms National Park. It had a rare species of palm tree and Cabbage Tree Palm National Park is the southernmost point that they grow. We also visited a logging cope which is supposed to be sustainable although in comparison to a normal forest it is utterly destroyed and will most likely never hold as much life as it used to. Anyway back to the bike ride, we had lunch and then finally made it to sealed road. I tell you now I embraced the change. The biggest let down for the journey was just before the sealed road there was a smelly rank carcass that made me dry retch.

Louis - Maffra Secondary and Jacqueline - Mallacoota P-12




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First hand action
Time worthy


Jake - Swifts Creek School




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What's Going OnWhere has our time gone? We have all come so far since the start. Uniting as one to get to headcount and finishing set work. The program is so full on that I haven’t had time to think about how fast this term has gone. If you come here you need to make sure you experience all the opportunities that you are challenged with because I used to be a quiet student in class and now I am loud, confident and I am willing to give anything that I am scared of a go.

Being here at the Snowy River Campus has changed my thinking on a lot of topics and has challenged my beliefs in a good way because then that is how we change to become greater people. Living in a community with 44 other students was very scary but we are all just a really big family now. Even in the hard times there will always be a great team of people to help and encourage you. When you know that a team which was once challenged when you have to do a teamwork activity becomes one and finishes the task with a smile on their faces you know that everyone has changed.

I am really going to miss my new family of friends and teachers with all my routines because it just feels normal now. Just remember make the most of something because an opportunity like this doesn’t happen every day.

By Sammi - Sandringham College

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