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Today, group 1 got to stay inside with Mr Pfanner and do an activity called Thinking and Learning whilst group 2 were out doing bridge building. In our class we started off by talking and learning about diversity. So the main thing we talked about that was to do with diversity, knowing that everyone is not the same and that there is always a place for someone whether they think there is or not. Starting the conversation not many people actually understood what it really meant but after talking about it I think we all really understood what it means and hopefully use it in the future.

Abbey's Day

After talking about that we discussed how parts of the brain work. We talked about how the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. Continuing on that pathway we talked about how the left side and right side compare and how the frontal lobe and back lobe compare to each other. We were then given 5 cards in different colours that had a describing word and what it meant. We were then asked to put them in order of most like us and least like us. Once we did that we all had to get up and switch around and find 5 cards that most represented us and put them in order again. From that we got to go through the rest of the cards on a table and pick the best 3 that represented us where it was put on a board with the rest of the group’s cards. We were then given a sheet with about 90 sentences that could describe us and we were ONLY allowed to pick 24 of them. Once done, we had to cut the paper into 4 equal squares which was then related to a test called Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) where there were 4 different colours to represent different aspects. Blue was rational self, yellow was experimental self, green was safekeeping self and red was feeling self. My dominant quadrant was red which I was not really surprised about because I am an emotional person.     

Abbey - Frankston HS




Victorian Young Leaders to China - Snowy Students Prepared for their International Journey to China Print E-mail

Our Year 9 Snowy River students were well prepared for the start of their international journey to China.
All the best to students and staff who have now touched down in China.

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program




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On the 18th of October 2015 Tioni and I were student leaders.

Firstly let us start by saying this school term so far has been great. We have done so many activities including a Mandarin lesson with Sun Yu, and Surfing at Cape Conran with Phil and Pete from the Surf Shack in Lakes Entrance. We also did a bush dance which was really fun.

The most interesting thing so far is making new friends and meeting new people. On Saturday we had our first rest day, everyone had a great time. Some went surfing/swimming and others stayed back on campus doing various activities including a movie. In the next couple of days we will be jetting off to china for a once in a lifetime opportunity this includes immersing ourselves in China’s culture and living as they do for six weeks.

Week of Wonders

Tioni- Lakes Entrance & Jordan- Wycheproof signing off ☺




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Our names are Tessa and Taylor. We are from Swan Hill College and Warragul Regional College.

Despite the rain and the cold weather, the Snowy River crew still went bridge building and bike riding. Everybody was filled with determination and completed the classes at the best of their ability. Those who didn’t have outdoor classes stayed inside, warm and rugged up, and had classes on their personality and values. It was extremely interesting to discover how we learn and what we value and believe in most. Being Thankful Thursday we wrote about what we were thankful for. For example, most people were thankful for the effort their parents put in to getting them here and others wrote about their joy over the milo refill.

Tessa and Taylor Share their Experiences So Far

We are close to the end of our second week on this amazing trip and we have enjoyed every moment of it so far. It is hard to believe that in just 2 days, we will be off to China surrounded by a brand new country, new cultures and interesting new foods. We have really enjoyed our time at the Snowy River campus and in just two weeks it has become our new home, and everybody here is our new family. We have all come from different places and have all come together to support one another in this amazing journey. We are looking forward to getting to know everybody even more and cannot wait to explore the marvellous country of China.

-By Tessa Myers and Taylor Van Hamond




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Our names are Holly McKenzie and Taylor Hess; we were the Student Leaders at the Snowy River Campus.

So far, our experience of the school has been amazing. This has been such a great opportunity for us to develop as people. We’ve only been here for roughly two weeks and we have already made new friends, learnt new skills and faced our own challenges. Can’t wait to see what the weeks ahead hold!

As some already know, this Saturday the 42 students attending Snowy and a number of staff will be heading to China. We have been preparing ourselves for this for the whole two weeks we have been here, and our uniform came in this afternoon for us to collect.

We have been doing a range of activities you normally do while here, like surfing, bike riding, Bridge Building, and a few classes. We have also done a range of new classes to prepare us for China, including a Chinese language class and a lesson on Chinese history and its culture.

All 42 students here are immensely thrilled to be heading on the experience of a lifetime, but a lot of us also have a few nerves, as this will be the first time they’ve left Australia, and of course, they will be without their parents.

We're Off to China Soon!

That’s all from us for today. We hope you all enjoy the regular updates you will be getting from the other students leaders.

Holly and Taylor

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