Deja's Experience - CLP and Peer Skills Lessons - On Campus Print E-mail

Today our group stayed on campus and spent the morning on our CLP and spent the afternoon doing a thing called ‘peer skills’. The other group have departed on their 3 day expedition so it will just be our group for a while. It is definitely quieter without them here.

This CLP lesson has been the best and most productive so far with little disagreement and a lot of co-operation. Today we had to do our master plan final which we will present to people like the council and the secretary of the Court House so they have a clear outline of what our plan is. A masterplan is a booklet filled with information like what resources we need and what we are actually going to do to the Court House with the money we raise etc. etc.

After we did that we had a short break and in that break we all loaded into one of the buses and went down the what we called ‘spirit spot’ which is a tourist park hidden in the West Cape of Cape Conran for the opening of the wheelchair ramp at the beach. I love that Parks Victoria put that in their so handicapped people can still get down to the beach and experience the relaxation that the beach gives.

After that, we had a lesson on peer skills, which is basically learning about emotions, how different people deal with them and how to help someone if they aren’t feeling mentally stable. I found this topic really interesting and I learnt a lot from it. I learnt that I am definitely not the only one that has problems which was good to hear from everyone because sometimes I do think I’m alone with my struggles so it was nice to hear that I can talk to any of my friends whenever I need to because they understand and are going through the same stuff as me. I was pleased with how today went.

Deja- Bright P-12