Canoe Ride Day Print E-mail

Today was pretty full on; I was the student leader for the day, which means I get everyone together at the start of classes and tell them what they will need and what’s going on. At the start of morning class, 9 o’clock, group 1 went out canoeing while group 1 got on the bikes and rode to them. It was only 15kms but it took us a while due to the various biking abilities. We stopped a few times on the way and had snacks then got going again. There were some pretty cool lookouts on the way and some little bits of single track. At one of the stops Mr Gladstone got Yusef’s GoPro and climbed a tree, so that when we rode pass he could get a good action shot from the above.

Once we arrived at the canoeing spot, group 1 had already finished their canoeing and had lunch, so they got on our bikes and we swapped activities. They rode back to the campus, and we ate lunch then went canoeing for a few hours. I was again in a canoe with Yusef, because we think we work really well as a team when canoeing. We are also going to be together for our 3 day canoe trip, coming up this Tuesday. Anyway, canoeing today was really fun, much better than last time because the river was narrow and surrounded with reeds. After going for a while there was a dead end, which we then went straight through the reeds on the side of the river and came out on the other side where the river continues. It was pretty much a secret passage, which was really cool. We kept going for a while then turned back. About 10 meters from where we started, there was a bridge, and Kiana, Lachy and a few other people were already back and standing on the bridge watching us. When we got close Lachy pushed Kiana off it into the water, as pay back for trying to splash us all the entire time. Once we all had gotten back we all congratulated Lachy, for being such a legend. We then caught the bus back to the campus and had afternoon tea.

Rahn- Bright P-12