Kiana's Report on Day 10 - On Campus Print E-mail

Group1 went out on “Expo” this morning, I miss them already.

Deja and I are the student leaders today, and if I’m honest I have not been enjoying it; simply because no one would listen and show respect when we are talking. And because I’m so drained right now.

I don’t think we achieved our community goal because everyone wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know how to play properly.

It’s been getting better towards the end of the day, our goal was to do some exercise during the day. Does a community walk count? I think that our goal could have been achieved to its full potential if people showed more respect. It wasn’t easy for us to stand up there and I felt like crap the whole time.

I know what to do know, and next time I’m student leader I’m going to take control. And if I could do something different today I would wait for everyone to be quiet and stop being rude before I speak.

-Kiana (Bright P-12 College)