Teams in Residence - Term 2 2016

School Teams attending the SNOWY RIVER CAMPUS in Term 2 2016 are from:

Eastern Metro Region

  • Wheelers Hill SC
  • Ringwood SC
  • Mt. Waverley SC
  • Canterbury Girls SC
  • Wantirna College
  • Doncaster SC

Gippsland Region

  • Trafalgar HS
  • Koo Wee Rup SC
  • Wonthaggi College

The Term 2 2016 SSL 10 Week program at the Snowy River Campus runs 17 April 2016 (Student Arrival) – 25 June 2016 (Student Departure)

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Parents Bulletins & Letters - Final

Final letter home to Parents of Snowy River Campus Students Term 2,
- 20 June 2016

Hello again and for the last time this term.

Here we are at week 10, only a few days to go, and I think that students see that their time at the Snowy River Campus is now definitely finite! Five sleeps they keep telling us. Mind you, many students are ready to leave. There are still many important tasks for us all to attend to, and I welcome the greater independence and personal drive I witness in our students, your sons and daughters. It is a delight to work with young people in our environment and see them “doing”! They just get on with the job now, for the most part, and set their goals and review their outcomes. They are finalizing their CLP work for when they return home, and the presentation day, when Principals, Council Presidents, representatives from the Department of Education and other key local stakeholders were here, was a triumph. I hope you can all cope with these skills and abilities upon their return, and that your sons and daughters use these skills appropriately?


Pre departure ceremony on departure day

Thank you for contributing to the Term 2 Snowy River Campus for 2016. The “Separation Phase” of the Snowy River Campus Experience concludes for the community of Term 2, 2016 on Saturday, 25 June, signalling the beginning of the “Reintegration Phase”!

Join us for our pre departure ceremony on departure day and delight in their physical, emotional and personal growth over the last 10 weeks. Every student will have a significant and important opportunity to share in front of you and all the other parents.
The ceremony starts at 9.30am sharp so please do not be late. Arrive between 9.00 and 9.30am so that you can give your child a welcoming hug and have a bit of a reunion before the ceremony begins so that they can focus on their presentation.

If you are not going to be able to be at the departure ceremony please advise your son/daughter via email. There is nothing more despondent than a student waiting for their parent to arrive when everyone else’s parents or guardians are here! They will understand if you are unable to be here by 9.30 if you communicate this to them- it is the not knowing that they struggle with!

If any other travel arrangements have been made, please advise us immediately because until you assume in writing responsibility of your son/daughter again, we are entrusted with their care.

With every good wish on behalf of the Snowy River Campus Team,

[This is a snapshot of the most recent letter - please download and read the letter for full information]

Mark Reeves (Principal) & Robyn Francis (Campus Principal - Snowy River Campus)

Weather Update from Marlo and Flood Warnings

The Snowy River Flood situation is as follows:

There is a moderate flood warning for the lower Snowy River. The level is falling rapidly. The Marlo Road is closed but access to Marlo is though Cabbage Tree and Princes Hwy. There is no threat to person, property or program.
All school expeditions have been modified and all are enjoying the spectacle of the river and mild, sunny weather.

Mark Reeves, Principal.




Blog #5 - Ellie

Hello! My name’s Eleanor Tomlin, but I prefer to be called Ellie for short. This week has been full of learning, fun and adventure! Yesterday I got to do one of the coolest classes ever, photography! I didn’t really expect it to be as fun as it actually was, I’m usually just used to using a digital camera or my mobile phone when I’m at home. Yesterday we got to use a Manual SLR (single lens reflection) camera. This camera uses film to produce the photos and to get them they need to be made in a dark room or a company will do it for you. The awesome thing about this camera is that the camera will only do what you make it do, this means that if you want the camera to focus on a certain object you twist part of the camera to do so. Other cameras with a motor would focus automatically and potentially won’t focus onto what you would like; this means that the cameras we used produce a much better photo! I’m really excited to see how my photos will turn out and see what my creative juices produced!

This week I completed my first aid course which is very exciting. Over the past weeks we have learnt CPR and taken an exam for it, which I passed :). This week we went over various ways to treat people when something has gone wrong. The fun thing is that we learnt through role plays! In partners or groups of three we did a little bit of research into a certain type of accident, (mine was spinal, facial and eye accidents) then we made a role play of what to do and presented to the class. Watching the role plays was very entertaining and I actually picked up a lot of information from it, the information also really helped me with my first aid test.

Something new that I have learnt this week is to keep those positive thoughts up. After saying goodbye to family on Visiting Weekend I was a little bit home sick again but after setting some mini goals to stay positive, I overcame it. It is so important to keep positive because with a happy mindset, everything gets so much better. After setting myself a goals to be positive I overcame my slight homesickness and have had one of the best weeks yet!


Expressions of Interest for 2017 SSL Programs
Expressions of Interest for 2017 SSL Programs Now Open

For Further Information, please read the overview of the key steps of the Application Process

Download the Expressions of Interest Form for 2017 Here →
(Current as of May 30 2016
Student Team Report - Wantirna College

My name is Ashley and I attend Wantirna College,
I came to Snowy River because I wanted to become a better leader, learn new things, make new friends, I thought it would be a great experience and it might look good on my resume. SSL stands for School for Student Leadership. Forty-four kids from around the state have come to 1 of 3 campuses to live with each other and coexist in one area. We are all together and learning at the same time all about different things such as our Beliefs and Values, how we think and learn and we also work on our Community Learning Project. We do a lot of outdoor activities such as Expos where we go out for a 3 day hike, Bridge Building, Surfing and Canoeing. A lot of these activities are supposed to help us build our leadership skills and get to know our groups.

My highlights so far would be Surfing and our Expo. Surfing was so much fun and it was my first time. Surprisingly I learnt pretty fast and stood up when catching a wave a few times. With our Expo I found it very difficult to walk with the heavy packs. We had to carry all our clothes, sleeping bags, tents and all our food. The hardest part was having to walk along the beach to get to each campsite with the bag. Over the three days I was having trouble with the roles I was given as they included speaking up above everyone and talking control. This was one of my goals I had to work on but I just found it hard to do. In the end I eventually achieved getting to the end but I was in so much pain from walking so far. Some of the classes we have had have been really fun such as Thinking and Learning where we learnt about our brain and which side is the most dominant. It was good to know this and I can now learn from this but also improve on some of the other parts of my brain.

Some of the other classes we have had have been quite inspirational as we have had guest speakers to come and speak to us about being a leader and achieving goals that they have set. Guest speakers such as Beau Vernon who became a paraplegic after an accident while playing footy. His goal was to be able to do move again so he went into a rehabilitation center where they helped him get some movement back into his body but he has been paralyzed from the torso down and has only movement in his fingers.

Passport is one of the things we do throughout the term here at Snowy River Campus. We put together a learning document where we have to answer questions about our goals and who we were before coming to the Snowy River Campus. When passport is finished we will have a whole document on our time here at Snowy to show our learning progress.

Community Learning Project (CLP)

Our CLP, Community Learning Project, is a project that will help our community back at home. Our CLP is making the transition for year 6’s into year 7 easier. We are putting together a pack for students with information on where to go if they need to talk to someone or if they notice a friend needs help. We are focusing more on the mental health side of things. We hope that by making these packs and going around talking to the students that we can put the pressure and stress down. We want to try and reduce anxiety and let them know that they a not alone. Our name for this project is S.O.S, Support Over Secrecy.

Gnurad Gundidj Campus
Snowy River Campus
The Alpine School Campus

School For Student Leadership

School for Student Leadership is a Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students' home regions. There are three campuses in iconic locations across Victoria. The Alpine School Campus is located at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps. Snowy River Campus is near the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo in east Gippsland. The third site is adjacent to Mount Noorat near Camperdown in Victoria’s Western District, and is called Gnurad-Gundidj. After consultation with the local aboriginal community, this name represents both the indigenous name of the local area and an interpretation of the statement "belonging to this place".
Our school community acknowledges the Gunaikurnai, Bidawel and Gundijmara people as the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school campuses are built. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their Elders past and present, and especially whose children attend our school.