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Today Naomi and I were the student leaders. I got up early to do breakfast set up before having a meeting to fill in the student leader booklet.

My goal for today was to improve in my community engagement by spending less time in my room and joining in on games during spare time. I think I sort of achieved this as I didn’t spend any time in my room but there weren’t really any games to join in on. I am going to try to start up a game of Uno before dinner.
I found being student leader fairly easy as there wasn’t a big group of people to speak to. It was a good way to ease myself into public speaking as I generally try to avoid it.

As for classes today I stepped a little bit out of my comfort zone. Our classes were intro to bike riding followed by snorkelling.

I’m not a very good bike rider so the first half of the day was a bit difficult. Earlier this year I did a bike riding program at school but we rode mainly on pavement, so I wasn’t very familiar with this terrain. It was good to try riding on a mountain bike track and experience something new. I did ride into a few trees but nevertheless it was still a very enjoyable class.

By the time we were headed off to the beach it was pouring down rain outside. We were all a little unsure about how fun it was going to be snorkelling in the rain. The water was freezing but our wetsuits kept us warm – although mine did have a big hole in the back. We saw loads of new creatures and plants including an octopus, plenty of star fish, coral, and sea squirts. The visibility wasn’t amazing but I found it super enjoyable as I’d never been snorkelling before. We also found Abalone which is a really expensive type of meat. We couldn’t get it off the rock but I found an abalone shell in the sand. The shell was really cool; it was shiny with loads of different colours. I loved finding out things about creatures I’d never even heard of.

My Highlight of the day was probably poking the sea squirts. They shoot water out when you press on them; I spent most of my time at the beach finding them.

Shani- Sandringham College

Shani's Day