Celebration of Remembrance - Naomi's Report of Her Day as Student Leader - On Campus Print E-mail

Today I was student leader again. And it’s also Remembrance Day! As student leaders, Shani and I organised a moment of silence for everyone at morning tea in remembrance of those who lost their lives for us many years ago.

This morning we did intro to bikes. I had great fun! Although at times it was a little hard especially all the sharp turn and small jumps/bumps in the track it was great and I’m sure mostly everyone had a good time.

Then at morning tea we had our moment of silence and also as a part of our community goal to be more considerate of others, we decided to do a ‘warm and fuzzy’ exercise. There were a few fights yesterday and a lot of tension in the air today so to regain peace in the community, Shani and I ran and organised an activity to do so that everyone could feel a bit better about themselves and overall happier. There were multiple sheets of paper around a table with a different students name above each piece of paper. Everyone had to write something that they liked about that person or what they thought was a strength of theirs. I think this exercise went really well and it definitely made me smile.

Lunch was also really nice and one of my favourites so far! We had pasta, salad and spinach and cheese triangles. I also really like our afternoon tea which was mini lemon meringue pies.

After lunch we went snorkelling! Although there was a lot of rain and even some hail. We put on our thermals, wetsuit and masks and went exploring. We ended up seeing heaps of cool coral and anemones, a seal, an octopus, abalone, shells, a crab and a weird type of prawn (like the one in Finding Nemo that cleans the fish tank and is kind of see through). Luckily it wasn’t too cold, other than the numb feet, hands and faces!

Celebration of Remembrance

Today was heaps of fun and I’m super excited for the rest of the week! Also group 1 are coming back tomorrow so it will be very interesting to see how they went and what the expo was like! I’m very glad that I’m not going this week and that I’m going next week firstly because of the horrible weather and secondly because then we get advice of what and what not to do.

Naomi- Sandringham College