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Raft building

It’s our last 2 days here at SRC everyone is making the most of the days and everyone is having a really good time and making everyone else’s time a nice time too.

So I am feeling really happy about going home I can’t wait to see everyone but I am sad to because I don’t want to leave everyone. My time at Snowy has been fantastic I have learnt so many new things and I have gained so much I can use at home. The one thing I have learnt that I will use at home and everywhere is self-confidence. At the start if my experience I was really shy but being here and I have been talking in front of everyone has made me not so shy. Being at Snowy has changed my life in a good way, I cannot wait to go home and share to everyone what I have learnt. I have loved my time here at Snowy if you are thinking of coming go please it will be the best thing in your life, I promise you.

Lauren, Braybrook




Simana and Brayden's CLP Day Print E-mail

Brayden and I were the Student Leaders for the second half of our CLP Day. It was very enjoyable to be given the opportunity to take on this role.

It was a challenge we both accepted. Being able to speak publicly to an audience formally was quite an experience & trying to find a polite way to tell the guests to depart by 4 was pretty hard but funny. The CLPs were a great success & everything went down well. Surprisingly there were not too many nerves & everyone seemed hyped to hurry up & present. I guess the Rest Day served us well & gave everyone a boost. We also ended the long day on a high with the Film Festival which was great fun & a good time to sit back & just relax. A good highlight of the day was celebrating our brother Simmy’s 16th birthday and just seeing him smile.

Simana and Brayden




At the End ... Print E-mail

We are getting to the end of our experience here at Snowy. Being here has opened my eyes to many new things and it’s been great. At the start we were 45 strangers who had never met any of the people here except for our school group and now, at the end we are like one big, happy family. None of us want to leave but we are all excited about seeing our family once again. It’s been a challenge being here but it’s been well worth it. I would say the hardest thing about being here would definitely be going outside of my comfort zone and starting conversations with new people at the start if the program. I have overcome that challenge because I have 44 new friends now ☺ A message I would like to pass onto the students who are coming to Snowy term one 2015 would have to be YOLO the experience. If you ever second guess anything just say YOLO and do it. Seriously don’t care of what people think because those who care don’t matter and those who matter, care.

Amy, Timboon P-12




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Oskar's Final Week

Finally we have reached our final week here at SRC and to be honest the one thing I am most excited about is getting home and eating a steak! I have really enjoyed being here at SRC and have been having a really good time. In my final week here I took on my last student leader role. Today we braved the seven seas in raft building and took all the treasure (special treat a block of chocolate!) I have loved my SRC journey and have made some amazing friends here. I will miss them all a lot and love them all but really it is time to go home!

Oskar Sewell Lane Signing Out!




Raft Building by Willem Print E-mail

Today 2B (or not 2B) went on an expedition to find the lost treasure of SRC. But first they had to build a raft in order to get across the dangerous waters of the Slips. So first they opened up the trailer to find a heap of ropes, pine posts and 200 litre drums. The instructions were simple: build a ship that can hold all twelve of them. So after much labouring the “Plundering Pleb” was complete. Ready to set sail the ambitious group of pirates sat down to lunch before sailing the dangerous Slips. Following lunch the ferocious group of pirates set sail on the “Plundering Pleb” for the long journey of thirty metres. The group made it and found the lost treasure of SRC.

Willem - Timboon

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