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Day 17

Today for our morning class 1B had emotional intelligence. We learnt that a person’s behavior is only a small part of how they are feeling. We also learnt that people show emotions differently and choose to cope with them differently. We watched a short video on happiness. They conducted an experiment asking people to think of someone who has influenced them or someone who is their role model. They then had to write a letter expressing their gratitude and call them telling them how grateful they are. This increased their happiness by 4-19%. On the topic of gratitude, we would like to express our gratitude to the teachers who took our groups on expo. A big thank you to Miss Merritt and Miss Bailee who took the core 1 girls and thank you also to Mr. Den Otter and Mr. Johnston who took the core 1 boys; without your help and support we wouldn’t have been able to do it.

By Lauren, Camperdown P-12 College and Corey, Kaniva P-12 College




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Yesterday we did Thinking and Learning where we learned about the brain quadrants. In the HBDI diagram there are 4 colours that tell you what part your brain quadrant you’re dominant in. There’s blue – logical, green – organized, red – emotional and yellow - creative.

It was interesting to see what your dominant part was and how everyone’s was really different. Some people were really surprised by what theirs turned out to be. After that was Emotional Intelligence. We learned about expressing emotions and how some people keep theirs hidden. We got shown a video that was saying gratitude is the key to happiness and we often don’t express our gratitude and gratefulness enough to people. The video was basically saying you should, it will make you happier. Overall, it was a good day and we learnt a lot about ourselves.

Kali- Horsham and Todd- Brauer SC




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This is a video that I made showing the great time that I had on expo. On expo there were 11 of else and 2 teachers. On expo we all had a good time and we are looking forward going on the next one.

By Michael




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Today 2A and 2B went surfing. This activity included having two professional surf instructors teach us how to surf. All together the instructors were super friendly and gave us a very thorough lesson. We travelled to East Cape; which was approximately a 10 minute drive away from the SSL. The both of us ended up standing up properly, which was quite an accomplishment, as well as quite a few others. In conclusion today’s surfing lesson was heaps and heaps of fun.

Leah - Colac SC and Ally - Matthew Flinders Girls SC  




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Today we did a conference thing where two guest speakers came and talked to us about their experiences, after we did different activities:

Pru was a former Horsham College student who moved out just after high school. She traveled the world and is a town planner. The other guy is the captain of the local football team and has gone through some tough times.

We went outside and did challenges that made you work in a team and communicate. We also looked at the helicopter model and what stages groups go through.

We talked about who our role models are and what are good qualities to have in a leader.

We watch inspirational videos about famous leaders in the world.

We made “metaphor balls” which were really rum balls with sprinkles and choc chips.

We talked about the leader =ship styles and what the main type of the leaderships were. There were 3 altogether (democratic, autocratic and relaxed).

Bella - Horsham College and Brody - Camperdown SC

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