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Today we had a guest speaker Samantha (not sure of her last name) and she took us for a session on food handling and what the right temperatures for cooking and reheating. She talked to us about the 3 types of contamination they were; physical, chemical and microorganisms. She also taught us the 2 hour 4 hour technique, where if food is out on the bench for 1-2 hours is ok and you can either cook it or refrigerate it. When food is out on the bench for 2-3 hours you can’t refrigerate it and you must use it immediately (and the amount of time it was on the bench before/if you refrigerated it counts as well). And when food is left on the bench for more or equivalent of 4 hours you must get rid of it immediately. We also did this thing where you had to have this cream rubbed into your hands and when a UV light was shined onto your hands you could see the bacteria. We had to wash our hands and shine the UV light over them again many people had to go back and do it again.

Jessy from Kaniva College




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Anzac Day

On Saturday it was our first rest day, we had to wake up at 5:45am to do a dawn service at SRC. Then a group of eleven of us had to go to Orbost to go to the 100th year anniversary of the landing in Gallipoli, while the rest went on a bike hike. After lunch a group of 8 of us watched a movie which was finding Nemo, then after that we had a couple of matches of table tennis. For the evening class we watch Tomorrow When the War Began. On Sunday night we had a massive competition called Theatre Sports, which had tonnes of games that had something to do with acting and emotions and working in teams which was run by Darren Mcubbin.

Jack- Phoenix P-12 Community College




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Guest Speakers, Bridge Building, and more

Over the last week we have done a number of things such as listening guest speakers, bridge building and bike intro and lots of smaller classes such as: before SSL, My Story and D.E.A.R.R. Our favourite class so far would have to be bridge building because you get to make large wooden tripods using wood poles and rope! After the group had made a couple, you put them in the water to get to a kayak which had little toys in it which everyone had to collect. Once everyone had a toy we got a group photo and had to take everything down. Just to make it all that bit harder, it was pouring down rain!

By Zach (Horsham College) and Sophie (Camperdown SC)




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This morning we went down to the Snowy River and were told we were to build a bridge. Our objective was to build a bridge long enough to get out about 7 meters where a canoe was sitting with ‘treasure’ inside of it. We were taught how to do a couple of knots and when to use these knots. Then we learnt how to construct a tripod. After that we were told to go on our own and build a bridge to the canoe and retrieve the ‘treasure’. We built another 2 tripods and then moved these tripods into the water a few meters apart. Next we constructed beams to lay in between the tripods to walk on. We made it to the canoe and everyone grabbed a piece of treasure. Everything worked well because everyone took part and worked hard. Well done to 2B for a well-constructed bridge!    

Dylan- Hopetoun P-12 College

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