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Today we had our photos taken and the beach Olympics! I have been looking forward to this day for ages! We officially got our T-Shirts today, even though we finished printing a week ago. We moved the outside tables down to the running track near Grandma and set them up for a full group photo, an Expedition group photo and a CLP group photo.

We moved all the tables back to their rightful places and got our bags to go down to the East Cape and have our Beach Olympics Day. We were split off into teams and had to do a range of activities within those groups. These activities included Beach Volleyball, Cricket, Football (Soccer) and Touch Rugby.

Before we broke for lunch, we all dug holes for Fox Holes. I made my hole at the back area so that I had a good starting point. We all did a headcount with our heads popping up from behind the barriers of our holes and popped down again. It was great fun!

After a Barbeque Lunch we all headed back down to our area on the beach to play Foxholes. I finished it three times, and I had a lot of fun hiding in holes, but it got a bit uncomfortable at times! We filled in our holes and got ready to leave. Even after having a shower I still have sand in my ears!

Charly, Snowy River Campus Student, Term 2 2015




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Personal Prep Day

This week we had Personal Prep, where we had the choice to do a range of different things such as; cleaning our rooms, packing our bags, finishing class work, working on presentations, downloading photos onto USB’s and having some relaxing time to yourself. We had two and a half hours to get as much done as we could, as we don’t get much spare time to complete these tasks. I chose to clean my room and pack my bags. I started off just packing away a few things and I ended up packing almost everything I didn’t need away. Laura chose to finish her passport, download photos, work on her presentation and clean her room. Except for the interruptions during the day, it was pretty successful and we got a lot done, although packing our bags and cleaning our rooms made us sad even thinking about leaving, so we came to a conclusion… we’re not leaving, sorry Mum and Dad!

Indiah & Laura, Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College, Geelong




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Today was rest day. In this day we had a range of different rest day activities including t-shirt printing, watching a movie (Harry Potter) and a bike carnival. For the night class, 1A did their student led activity night where they ran the evening class for the night. They played a game of Family Feud and in that there were 7 families including the Wyldes, the Rigs, the Cleavelands, the Klynes, the Yangs, the Banks and the Gorgons. 1st the families had to present who they were (being grandma, Mr, Mrs, son or daughter) and had to say what their hobbies were. Then they played a game of shark tanks where each group made an invention where they tried to sell their product to the judges and in the end the Cleavelands won. Overall the day was a very happy and productive day.

Jarrod -Horsham College and Chloe W- Kaniva College




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Our Journey - Nia and Jemima

Wow this Sunday marks the start of week 9. It makes us feel like we have come so far through our experience here at Snowy. Yet it feels like we have hardly been here for long. Going home, reuniting with friends and family and especially going back to school will be really different! But we shall never forget the amazing people that we have met here.

Looking back on photos it seems like some of the activities that we have done were only the other day, not weeks ago. The next 2 weeks will be challenging as we will need to prepare to go home. We are not looking forward to saying our goodbyes.

The Snowy river experience has been an experience that none of us will ever forget. The things that we have learnt here will stay with us for the rest of our lives, as will our friends.

We don’t know whether we are ready to leave.

By Jemima – Kaniva College & Nia – Horsham College





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Today Core 1 had electives. For electives we had to pick any class we wanted. 1a went down to the beach and played some games down there, it was so fun and exciting for everyone. They played ‘fox holes’ and bushed bashed through the sand dunes. 1b watched a movie inside because everyone was sore after the bike ride yesterday. The movie 1b watched was ‘Kicking and Screaming’. It was a fun chilled day for everyone. We all had an entertaining time and we wish we could do that class again.

Brody-Camperdown and Monique-Brauer SC

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