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On Friday core two had Thinking and Learning 2 for the AM class and for the PM class we had Evidence. In Thinking and Learning we learnt more about how all of us think and how we all think in different ways and that it is actually helpful to have a lot of different people that think differently on a team. Some of us focus on emotion where as others focus on facts and knowledge. For example I think mostly in the blue quadrant which means I think more about facts, numbers and knowledge but I don’t think very red which is emotion. In Evidence we learnt that pretty much everything in life needs evidence to back it up. We learnt that you can’t really go on in life by a hunch, you need to have something to back up what you say. This goes with all factors of life really from just a conversation all the way to proving a case in court. I found both of these classes really good because I got to learn more about myself and others which is one of the really cool parts of this school.

And that was day 20 at the Snowy River Campus.

Indiana-Colac SC





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Today at Snowy River School for Student Leadership was packed full of interesting activities. In the morning our group 1b had CPR and it was really informative and hands on. What it taught us was a very important life skill. In that class we also covered first aid, snake bites, anaphylactic shock and asthma attacks. After lunch we went surfing which was a very enjoyable activity. We got a quick demo on the beach and after that we hit the water. After a couple of wipeouts we began to find our feet and gracefully rode knee high waves to the beach. That lesson went really quickly and we all enjoyed it.
That was what we did on day 20!

By Ellie- Camperdown and Jock- Kaniva




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When core 2 went on expo it felt really strange having only half of the community here. It was pretty good have some space to ourselves, like having to set up half of everything for meals. When core 2 was away on expo we did some pretty good classes, like phone calls. We all had to place a call and talk about the School for Student Leadership. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Francis were pretending to be other adults and tried putting on different voices to trick us. It didn’t work as we could tell by their voices it was them. We also had presentation skills, where we had to present a topic of our choice to a group of people. We only had 15 – 20 minutes to prepare our speeches. Blake’s presentation was about friends and Chloe’s presentation was about gymnastics. We had lots of fun while core 2 was away but we are glad they are back now.

By Chloe - Horsham  and Blake - Bauer College




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Snowy River Experience

My Snowy River experience so far has been the most incredible journey I have ever taken myself on.  The friendships, the team challenges, the activities, the classes, everything, you come out feeling like you’ve learnt something that you will be able to use in the future.  I have learnt so much about myself already and it’s only been 4 weeks!  I am continuing to develop as a person and a leader and I can’t wait to put all my new skills into action when I return home.

Tamika- Hopetoun P-12




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Just the other night we had a guest speaker come over and give the group a presentation on beliefs and values. But at night we did something very different…..theater sports.

Theater sports are small games which involve acting and team work. We were split in two groups/teams for the night. For each different activities four people volunteered to go up and give whatever it might be a crack. We were involved in four different game. The warm up was a game were you were given a card and had to act it out according to what was on it. The second game we played was called one work story. The people who played had to take turns in saying a word of their choice to create a story, they crazier it was the better. The judges then scored the team out of five. The Third one we played was a game about communication there were four people on a team first 3 left the room and the other was told an occupation and a murder weapon then the rest came in 2 faced the wall and they acted it out to one of their team then the person who just saw the first person acted it out to the 3rd person who then acted it out to the 4th person who had to guess what they were. The final game was all about emotions first you had to act out a scene anything with your given place and person for example Florist and Super hero then they had to do it again but with a different emotion like anger excitement or Love at the end the judges tallied it up and the winning team got chocolate but so did the losing team chocolate for everyone.

Monique-Brauer SC and Daniel - Colac SC


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