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This week we have done global issues presentations. You have the choice to do a 5 minute presentation or skit in front of your group and liaison teacher. In the class you have other members doing timekeeping, 3 feedback, 3 powerful questions and debate. You got feedback on you presentation or skit at the end of class. Bo did human population and Bo did a skit and everyone enjoyed it, thought it was a great skit where he provided the relevant information in point form (e.g under age sex, unsafe sex). Sophie presented information on human rights. Sophie used a power point with great information and got asked a lot of questions.

Sophie-Camperdown and Bo-Colac SC     




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Today 2A went on our Environment Bike Ride! First Mr. Morton and Miss Fuhrmann took us to a spot where some of a forest (I don’t know where) had been logged about 6-7 years ago. The ground under foot was really hard and was full of clay. We had to find answers to eight riddles about forests and logging, and then we had to get back to the bike trailer for morning tea and set off riding.

For Morning Tea we had expo. (expedition) slice, and it was really yummy! Then we got our bikes out and did the usual bike check. We gathered in a circle and discussed different jobs for each of us to do today, mostly being the whip and the leader. And then we set off for a day of bike riding!
We rode to Cabbage Tree reserve, and we had a little tour of the reserve on a walking track. Our next big stop wouldn’t be until lunchtime. We rode up what seemed like endless up-hills, and rode down small down-hills. When we got onto the road which was tar, we only had about three kilometers of road until lunchtime.

After two packed full salad sandwiches and an apple, we once again set off to ride, but with a new goal. We had 15 kilometers left to go until we reached campus. We hit the dirt roads again, but it was only for a short space of time. Once we got onto the tar roads again, it was smooth sailing from then onwards.

I had a fantabulous time and it would be a great opportunity to do it again!

Charly - Matthew Flinders Girls SC




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Yesterday, Core 2 went caving. We left at 8:00 and travelled by mini bus to Buchan, where we split up and half of us went to the Wild Cave, or Wilsons Cave, and the other half went to the Royal Cave.

My group went to the Royal Cave first. We were all amazed by the story behind the discovery of the cave, as the Fairy Cave was discovered first, and the hole in which it was discovered only being 20 centimeters wide. All of the “decorations” were really pretty and it was a really great tour. After my group cooked lunch for everyone else, my group went over to the Wild Cave. To actually get into the cave, you have to get though a really small hill in a cow paddock. There are many small spaces and lots of close walls that you have to walk next to and some people had fears of heights and confinement, so it was a big challenge for them. Overall the day was a great success, and I would, given the chance, do it all over again.

Charly - Matthew Flinders

Today we had expo prep. We got all we needed ready to go on expo tomorrow. Our packs turned out lighter than we anticipated which we thought was a nice surprise. We also organized all the food which we thought was very important. After that we had relaxation where we did some YOGA and breathing techniques. It was Very relaxing and really refreshed you after you had done it. Some of the positions where challenging but you felt a lot better after it. That’s all from Snowy River Campus Day 45

Jock- Kaniva College




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Today’s classes included first aid, yoga and a kick of the footy!

So firstly we had first aid. It is to finish off what we haven’t been through to get our first aid cert 1. It’s good to have that knowledge and if we ever get in that scenario we know what to do. We also had a class called yoga which I like heaps. It helps to calm us down and to refocus. There is stretching, hard positions to do and lots more and I thought it was a pretty good class to finish off on a Friday.

On Fridays we have community sports. My community sport that I chose is to have a kick of the footy, socialize and just have a good time. Today it was good we played markers up and socialized with the group 1B that just came back from expo today so I found it pretty fun!
It’s a really fun way to finish a Friday and it was much enjoyable.

Blake- Brauer SC




Brody and Ellie's Enviro Tour Print E-mail

Today 1B had Enviro Tour so first we were given two cards one was our facilitator’s card and the other was a stakeholder. Stakeholders had to do some research about the topic they got and the facilitator had to ask them the questions that were already set out on their card. We had 11 presentations all around Orbost and Marlo some to do with dairy, waste and logging/sawmill. It was a very interesting day learning all about the environment but it did stretch out a fair bit and became a bit boring.

Brody and Ellie- Camperdown College

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