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Giving back to the community and getting stuff done Print E-mail

Giving back to the community and getting stuff done

Today we had community service and personal prep. Community service is all about giving back to the community. We had a great time planting trees on a great steep angle. We planted them on the Orbost Rail Trail with a local Landcare group. It was challenging to get up and down the slopes and swinging the big pickaxes around. After we finished that we got back to campus and started to focus on preparing to go home. In personal prep we got time to do our passports, clean our rooms, and work on our movies and CLP presentations.

Connor-Hopetoun P-12 and Blake-Brauer SC




Todd and Lauren's Day Print E-mail

For morning class we had CLP. It wasn’t too bad and we both got a lot done. Lauren and Todd have both drafted their master plan’s in their CLP teams. Camperdown started off the lesson productively but got distracted towards the end. Brauer stayed on task basically for the whole lesson. For afternoon Lauren had film making. The group had to split up into groups of three and plan a movie with the theme change. Each group wrote out a story board and some began to film. For Todd’s afternoon class he had Sustainability. We had a talk about how we can be more sustainable and we watched a few 5 minute videos about it, then we made a pledge about something that we can change to be more sustainable. For evening class Core 1 had 7 Pillars of Wellbeing. We made a one minute skit one of the 7 pillars that we learnt about. Lauren made one on exercise and Todd made his on the environment.

Lauren-Camperdown and Todd-Brauer




Isabella's Day Print E-mail

Today we did our last surfing lesson so that meant that we also had to do surf life –saving. We had to go out to a person that was drowning and bring them back in on the surf board without getting smashed by massive waves. We also got accessed our surfing skills and at the end of our time here we will get a surf life- saving certificate if we passed. Today we also had movie maker, the theme was called ‘Change’. We have to make a movie based on change. Our movie is going to be about 2 ordinary people that listened to an inspiring speech and then it changes their life and they take a different path in life.      






Indiana's Day Print E-mail

Yesterday 1a were away on the environmental tour leaving three expo groups on campus. 1B had sustainability, 2a had expo prep and 2b had CLP and all had the subject going home in the afternoon. Going Home was a good subject because it gave us the opportunity to work on our passports and think about what they want to achieve when they leave SSL. In CLP everyone made a good start of organizing their presentation and preparing for what they need to get covered. Overall it was a good day everyone was organized for class and on time which made the day flow a lot easier.

Indiana- Colac SC




William's Week Print E-mail

Hey whoever is reading this?
It's week 7 of my time here at Snowy….
So close to the end 'ha-ha', it's funny it only feels like week 2-3 max, like the time here has gone by so fast that everything here is a dream.
But the things I learned and the people I have met whether it was a guest speaker or the 44 other people lucky enough to come to this once in a life time place, I feel lucky to learn how to become a leader.

William- Phoenix P-12

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