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A few nights back, we engaged in a fun, student led, trivia night. We were broken up into five groups that were named after countries. Mexico, China, Egypt, Spain, and Zimbabwe. We also were tasked with the completion of fun activities regarding our allocated country’s culture between the mind boggling trivia questions for extra points. One of which was the task of creating a country mascot with 5 sheets of newspaper as our only resources.  

Last week we also set out on a three day hike with about 15kg packs on our backs which carried our tents, food and everything else that we needed. This is also known as expo. At first it sounded ridiculous and silly to walk 30km in three days but once we started it actually proved to be quite an enjoyable experience. We walked and a few different terrains such as bushlands, wetlands or rainforests, and the beach to name a few. We encounted all kinds of wildlife and even had battles with possums over food (some of which, were lost). After three days we all got back to campus in one piece just in time for a rest day.

Tyler- Phoenix College and Indiah- Mathew Flinders Girls SC




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Snowy River Experience

This weekend is parent visiting weekend which marks our halfway point of the Snowy experience. I am a in a mix of emotions about that as I am very excited to see my family, but, that means that I only have 5 more weeks of living here, which isn’t a happy thought. Between us students, we have already begun thinking of places that we are going to meet up at once the experience is over. We have come up with a range of ideas spreading from birthday parties to paintballing in Mount Gambier. Next week I go caving which I am soo excited for, I also have surfing and photography. Next week is going to be great and although we’re already half way, I cannot wait for the next 5 weeks.

Nia - Horsham College




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On the weekend our families were allowed to come and take us away from campus for the night.  It was so great to be reunited with them after 5 weeks apart.  We caught up on all the news from our hometown and shared all of our stories with them.  It was nice to be able to show them our appreciation for the opportunity they’ve given us to come here and have so many amazing experiences.  Saying goodbye again was hard but we are looking forward to seeing what the next 5 weeks will bring.

Connor and Tamika from Hopetoun College




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Monique's Bike Ride to Marlo

This week we went on a bike ride into Marlo.  This was an amazing experience to be riding in a large group along the road and nature trail.  We worked as a team and switched the line placement around to give everyone a go at being the leader and the whip.  We rode in pairs along the highway and single file through the nature track.  When we got to Marlo we had a stop at the park were we hydrated and got some food into our systems.  Soon after we headed back to the campus just in time for afternoon tea. 

Monique- Brauer SC




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Today started off with lots of last minute decorating and fun, we had spent last night decorating as our evening class. The kids from Newmerella Primary School arrived at around ten o’clock and split into the four groups Seahorses, Dolphins, Octopus and Whales. My group was Whales; we had five kids in our group.

We started off giving everyone a tour of the campus, starting in our wings right through to Grandma. After, we had a snack of coconut slice or rocky road. The first class of the day for the Whales was Nia’s, Sophie’s and mine, Watching Whales. We had a PowerPoint and some outdoor and indoor activities. We then went straight to farming with Jarrod, Corey, Blake and Brody. We watched another PowerPoint, filled in some questions and guessed where different products came from.

Next was a lunch of sausage rolls and salad, then of course going and playing outside. Our last class was Bushfires with Meghan, Charly and Tayla. We started off with a PowerPoint, some questions and a fun activity about saving photos in a bushfire. After all this we went outside and played cat and mouse and scarecrow tiggy. The LLP Day was a really great day for the kids and us.

Isabella from Horsham College


LLP Day- LLP (Local Learning Project) Day was on Wednesday the 20th of May. The day involved 20 or so grade 5/6 students from our local primary school coming to SRC for the day, we had previously organised 12 workshops, ranging from sea life to the indigenous arts. The day went smoothly with the kids having fun and enjoying our workshops. The students at Snowy River Campus did an excellent job at running their workshops and activities. All together the day was amazingly run by our very own LLP committee, where both of us were the days MC’s and student leaders.

Indiah -Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College and Indiana -Colac Secondary College

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