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Expo Review by Sophie Print E-mail

We went on expo on the 19th of February and we left from point Ricardo at 9:00am. We headed of for our 9k walk along the beach and it was fun and we found heaps of rubbish and lots of shells and we saw a seal playing in the waves really close to sand and it was cool. We saw him swim of to deepest and darkest part of the ocean. We had a lot of stops but that ok because we had lots of fun and then we got to Salmon Rocks and I set an amazing lunch and everyone loved it. We set off for another 4km and got to camp and played a fun game called ‘Camouflage’ and everyone loved it. After the game we set up our tents, had tea and then played another game called ‘Fox Holes’ and it was fun. When we finished the game we had a hot drink and went to bed. In the morning we had breaky, Leah and I were the first to pack up and get ready to set off for a 4km walk to Yeerung River. We got to the bridge and saw a goanna there. We watched it for a while then we had lunch and went home.

Sophie C - Swifts Creek SC




Local Learning Day with Hazelwood Primary School Print E-mail

My name is Sophie and I go to Rosebud Secondary College. This experience at Snowy River has been the greatest experience of my life. We do activities I would never have thought about doing at home and have always dreamed of doing.

Room Decoration for LLP Day with Hazelwood PS

Today we had 12 grade 6 students from Hazelwood Primary School come in to be taught by the students here at Snowy. We decorated the rooms with a native Australian animal theme so we drew a river with chalk along the entrance of the building and had gum tree branches scattered around the room with animals hiding in them. It honestly looked amazing. We all had classes organised that ran for 20 minutes each. Our job was to engage the kids in some fun, yet informative way. It might sound easy but after we did all our preparation then practice of our presentations, it became a more complicated job. My group consisted of Sophie, Harry, Conor and I and our class was based around Surf Life Saving. We taught them about rips, first aid, CPR and other dangers such as drowning and sharks. The hardest part I found would’ve been keeping them engaged.

I’ve loved my time here and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks.
Sophie – Rosebud Secondary College




The Last Few Days with Boston Print E-mail

Hello my name is Boston and I am one of the bloggers today. The last couple of days have been really fun we have done snorkelling, CPR and indigenous walk where we learnt about the Gunai/Kurnai and today we had a half day bike ride to Marlo. It is really good being here and getting to learn in the outdoors. The food here is really, really good and apparently it is the best of the three campuses.

I love it here because it gives me a safe habitat to practice my leadership and other things as well. Two nights ago was probably the best night class which was when we had a student led activity (1B) and they had a talent show and quiz game. It was good because some people who performed I didn’t know they could do what they did and it changed my perspective on people. Then with the quiz it was really funny with some of the questions and how some people answered them. Something bad though is that we are halfway through this experience and it is going really fast and most of us don’t want to leave because it is too good here. But we are still happy to have the experience.

Boston - Rosebud SC




Awesome Adventure - with Max and Emily Print E-mail

Hi, my name is Max and I’m from Mallacoota P-12 College and in expo group 2A.

The thing I am most looking forward to at SRC is caving because I reckon it will be really cool and an awesome activity, This Saturday is Parent Visiting Weekend and I can’t wait to see my parents. If you’re reading this because you are thinking about coming on this adventure at SRC well the one thing I have to says is “DO IT!!” because I’m not even halfway through the term and I have made so many friends, it’s a great opportunity and an epic experience.
Also the food is amazing!!!

Awesome Adventure

Emily H, from Rosebud Secondary College

Not long to Parent Visiting weekend! Everyone is looking forward to see their families, but also sad that time here at Snowy is over half way. It’s been a great experience so far and many exciting things are to come! I’ve made lots of new friends and met inspiring people, with amazing stories to tell. Everyone has learnt a lot of new things while being here such as improving on their public speaking, social skills, leadership skills, teamwork skills, organization, time management, responsibility etc.

I think so far for me that completing my first Expo has to be one of my greatest achievements while being here at Snowy. Everyone bonded more as a team, and looked out for each other. I stayed positive on the long hike across sand majority of the time and we all worked hard to complete our team goals. One was to complete and do our allocated roles well, which everyone achieved.

On Monday, I have my second Expo- a three day hike and canoeing trip. I’m keeping a positive mind and attitude towards the new adventure, and can’t wait to see what the next expo trip is going to be like!




Chantelle's Canoeing and Time Here Print E-mail

Chantelle's canoeing and time here

Hi, my name is Chantelle. I’m from Alkira Secondary College. I’m in expo group 2A.

Since I’ve been at the Snowy River School for Student Leadership I’ve learnt so many things for now and for the future. Each day I’m learning something new and most the time it’s about me. Some of the things I’ve done here I never thought I would’ve done ever. I’ve made so many friends here and to think its only week and two days till it’s a month here is crazy.

My favourite thing to do so far has been our intro to canoes. Yeerung was a beautiful place to canoe at. The scenery was amazing and seemed like it had been untouched. My group worked so well when staying together and being a team. We were all really supportive. We got to eat lunch in the canoes and we learnt how to swap partners in the canoe whilst on the water, how to steer a canoe at the back and how to paddle properly and keep the canoe moving forward at the front. My favourite part was the capsizing. It involved learning two different types of rescues and a lot of teamwork. We all went for a swim afterwards in the water which was really fun and then we canoed back to where we started. Honestly I just wanted to keep swimming. I didn’t think I would be able to capsize but with all my team around I felt completely safe and supported. I think our team works so well together and I can’t wait till our first expo just to experience that with such an amazing group of people.

By Chantelle - Alkira SC

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