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Sarah Achieving Her Goal Print E-mail

So yesterday we had ‘Busy Time’ it was our community goal to have a constructive session of ‘Busy Time’. I got involved and helped out in the vegetable garden picking tomatoes and eating all the strawberries with some of my friends. It was really fun and we got quite a lot done.

Later that evening we had ‘minute to win it’ It was really good everyone in core one really got involved. For my Individual learning project my goal was to get better at public speaking. So as a part of my goal I hosted the games. It was actually so much fun because I really got to make everyone’s tasks so much harder and really had a good time. As did everyone else, I hope so. We played five different little games; the dry Weetbix’s challenge and other really weird little games. It was really fun. I think I really worked towards my goal of becoming a better public speaker. Overall, it was a really good evening class and a really good session of Busy Time. I feel like we achieved our community goal and my ILP goal as well. So it was a really good day. The end!

Sarah- Bairnsdale Secondary College




Buchan Caves Print E-mail

Today group 2A and 2B (core 2) drove to Buchan to go caving. Our trip was an hour and a half from the campus. We had some morning tea and afterwards group 2A went to the Royal cave and 2B ventured to Wilsons cave. After 2B had gone we journeyed to the Royal cave and stepped into a wonderland. The Royal cave looked beautiful with its crystallised stalagmites and stalactites. We saw evidence of the river that had over millions of years eroded the cave to what it is today. We learnt how the water had seeped through extracting minerals as it went eventually dripping into the cave crystallising over years. I thought the Royal cave was an amazing experience and I would recommend it for everybody!

Next we had lunch with 2B and swapped caves. We drove 20 minutes to meet Dave a local Parks ranger who would guide us. We put on our caving gear and followed Dave into the entrance of the cave. Some areas were hard to squeeze through while others were a breathtaking chamber. I personally found it a physical challenge squeezing and manoeuver through the tight spaces which gave me all the more satisfaction. We faced tight squeezes such as the letterbox because you had to slide down belly first through a 35cm gap. Some of the students entered that cave with a fear of claustrophobia when they exited it was gone. It was inspiring to face your fears and have confidence within yourself. When our group got out of the cave we all had a good sense of achievement and satisfaction. I loved every second of that cave and I would go back again if I could.

Thomas - Mallacoota P-12




Gender Night Print E-mail

Hi we are Maxx and Sammi and we were the student leaders for gender night last night.

At the Snowy River Campus we have three nights where the girls and boys separate and talk to only their specific gender. The entire lesson is run by the student leaders for the day and the teachers don’t care what you say because we are in a safe environment.


The first lesson the girls had to talk about things that they found uncomfortable, but all of the girls expressed how they felt about the specific topic and we all had a great laugh. On the second gender night the girls had to think of personal questions we thought the boys were going to ask us and then we got to think of questions we wanted to know from the boys. For the boys it was the same thing as the girls but in a boy’s perspective. It was very funny to see that a lot of girls are curious about the same sort of topics. In the last gender night the girls were given the boys questions and we had to answer them. Some of the questions the boys asked us were a bit personal but the girls stood up and were confident with what they had to say and we all just had a laugh about what the questions were.


The boys and I gave the girls a sheet of questions last gender night and they had to answer it this gender night and the girls gave us questions and we had to answer them.

The questions ranged from what do you look for in a girl to why are girls bad drivers and the responses that the boys gave were really sensible but there were some answers that made the boys have a laugh. So when we answered the questions we had to go down to the fireplace in zone 3 and gave the girls our answer to their questions and they had to answer our questions.

Each person had to stand up one by one and tell an answer; it went girl, boy, girl, boy until we ran out of answers. But all up I think that all the boys had a great time answering the questions and I think the girls also had a great time the boys throughout gender night were sensible and also very, very funny because we asked funny questions.

Sammi and Maxx




My Reflections Print E-mail

My Name is Kacey. I’m from Elisabeth Murdoch College which has over 1,600 people.

During my time here at the Snowy River Campus I have created so many great memories and so many great friendships. It’s the day after Parent Visiting weekend and I ate so much food I still feel sick. It was really good to be able to see my family and catch up on everything back home. Today my group, 1B, stayed at campus while all the others went out on expo or caving but I didn’t mind because I enjoyed today’s classes. In the morning we had First Aid; I now know what to do if someone seriously injures themselves. We also had our 3rd Peer Skills class, we basically discussed what type of leader we are and how we can use it reasonably. For instance I am opinionated and assertive; this is good in situations when a decision needs to be made quickly and effectively.

My Reflections

That’s all I really have to say for today’s classes. I am really enjoying my time here at SRC!

Yesterday was mine and Jake’s go at Student Leader. I think Jake and I did a really good job. We conducted a game of tug-o-war throughout the community which was successfully won by 1B. It was our last full rest day so I decided I would get all my work completed so I could head out for the afternoon and go swimming with a some of my friends. I am greatly appreciative that I am able to experience these magnificent adventures with some of the best people I could possibly ever meet. There is 2 weeks left of my time here at Snowy River and I am pretty sad that it’s all coming to an end. I have made strong relationships with many people here and I have created really great memories.

Kacey - Elisabeth Murdoch College




Feelings about my time here Print E-mail

I sit here and look around, I see thirty nine people who I once called strangers. These were thirty nine people I had never met in my life, thirty nine people I never knew existed. It’s funny how 6 weeks ago I would have sat here and not have known one thing about these thirty nine people. I wouldn’t have known who I was going to become friends with or where I would fit in. I always knew I would fit in, just not where…

As I sit here now and look around, I see forty four members of my family. Some are like my brothers, some are like my sisters. We fight, we recover, we laugh, we stress and we share our emotions together. I see forty four people who are there for me when times get tough and when I am finding things difficult. I see people I can be myself around, my true self and I won’t have a doubt or care in the world.

We have our ups and we have our downs and don’t get on all the time. I see people who I can share my stories, issues, problems, difficulties, memories, good laughs and happy thoughts with and I will know that I won’t be judged, that they will understand and be a shoulder for me to lean on or a smile for me to turn to.

The great times and memories I have already created in the last 6 weeks, are far stronger than some of which I have been trying to create with people for many years.

As I sit here, I no longer see thirty nine complete strangers; I see forty four family members and a place I call home.

Emma - Maffra SC

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