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Hi my name is Conor

Yesterday my group (1A) did bridge building. Our team successfully made it to the canoe to get the treasure out of it. Our team worked really well as a group to achieve our goal. Our plan started to fall apart as you can see from the pictures but it managed to hold us at times. The man eating seal ate me and a few others so we were sin binned for a couple of minutes (because we touched the water).

So far my favourite activity has been surfing which everyone enjoyed. I was able to stand up but I fell off a couple of times and then got smashed but that was fun.

Close to my favourite though has to be the expo skills. We walked from campus to the airfield and then to the beach. When we got to the beach the view was amazing we could see the Snowy River and then the beach. My role on Expo Skills was the camp organiser and I had to say where we had to set up our tents.These have been some of my favourite things so far.

By Conor - Rosebud Secondary College

Hi, I'm Conor




Starting the Term Off Well Print E-mail

Hi my name is Kacey, and I'm from Elisabeth Murdoch College. 

So far at the Snowy River Campus I have had a really great time. I've been surfing, canoeing, bridge building and bike riding all in a bit over a week.

Yesterday my group (1b) stayed at the campus and worked on our Individual Learning Plan and our Community Learning Project. I'd much rather be spending my day outside but I guess what has to be done; has to be done. I think that our Community Learning Project is coming along pretty well and I'm pretty excited to see what the end result is. Yesterday was also my turn to be a Student Leader. It was pretty cool to talk to people based at different campuses and hear about different experiences. My goal for the day was to be organised for my classes and surprisingly I was!

Starting the Term Off Well - Kacey and Graham

I'm Graham, from Sandringham College.

For the past week while I have been here, I have had an absolute ball. For my time here so far, I have done bridge building, canoeing, expo 1, surfing and bike riding. But I'm sure that there is much more to come!

We have started working on our passports and I’m sure that when they are finished, they will all look absolutely fabulous. I have set an ILP (Individual learning plan) and my school group (Sandringham College) has also started working on the early stages of our CLP (Community learning project).

I look forward for what SRC has to offer in the term and can't wait for all the upcoming activities in the next 8 weeks!

By Kacey - Elisabeth Murdoch College & Graham - Sandringham College




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Hi my names Elly,
At the Snowy River Campus so far we have all had such a great time, some of us have been surfing, bike riding, on expos, bridge building and we have also completed the Marlo Challenge. Groups have been working on their team building and friendships between everyone. Today 2A, my group did Intro to Bikes, we had a range of skill levels in our group. In our lesson we did some practice before we left to go on a group ride on the bike tracks. Then we headed off down the road to understand the safety of riding on the road. We learnt to work as a team in communicating with the people at the front and the back so no one was lost or in danger.

My Favourite Thing - Bridge Building by Elly

My favourite activity that I have done so far has been bridge building, we learnt how to tie different knots to join big logs of wood together to make our bridge. There was a lot of teamwork involved in bridge building and 2A completed the task successfully collecting the treasure at that end that was in the canoe!

Elly- Alkira SC

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