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Caving with Callan


Snowy River is the best! We do so many great activities such as expo, canoeing and caving!

My most recent adventure was when core 2 went down to Buchan caves! It was so entertaining. We first went through the Royal caves which was a tour guide who guided us through and gave us information about stalactites and stalagmites in the underground caves. We learnt about the caves being millions of years old. After that we drove off to the wilderness caves where we got our ‘adrenaline rush ‘of adventure. We got to manoeuvre through the tight spaces! My favourite place in the wilderness cave was the ’letterbox’. In this we had to ‘post’ ourselves to the other side. There is not a minute at Snowy here you have free time, you are always doing something, this is why I’m enjoying it here so much!

Callan- Alkira SC




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The experience here is amazing! We go surfing, caving, snorkelling, expeditions, bike rides, snorkelling and many more fun activities.

We don’t have a spare minute to be bored because the program is jam packed full of adventure; all the activities help us develop ourselves into a better person and into a better leader. Every night we have a new guest speaker or fun activity run by both the staff and the students. Every day there is a new student leader and they run the day, by telling us what is on for the day and they are in charge of our daily headcounts. Being student leader is loads of fun and very morning we have a video conference with the other student leaders from the 2 other campuses. Being here is an experience of a life time!

Experience of a Lifetime

Emma, Bairnsdale Secondary College




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LLP CommitteeOn Wednesday the 5th of March the Snowy River School for Student Leadership held a LLP Day (Local Learning Project Day). On our LLP day we had students from Hazelwood Primary School came to the campus and spent the day with the students of the Snowy River School for Student Leadership learning a range of different topics taught by the Snowy River students.

The day was planned by our LLP committee; Hannah, Sophie. G, Katherine, Emma. H, Emily, Amy.G, Elly, Chantelle, Graham, Kacey, Harry and Alana. The Committee worked hard in the weeks leading up to the event with the whole community involved.

On the day students from both schools were excited to meet and enjoy the day together. The theme of the day was native animals. The whole campus was decorated to the max by all the Snowy River students. Each group of Hazelwood students had a range of different lessons taught to them throughout the day, ranging from Indigenous Australian history, art, animals, bush tucker, camping skills, fire skills and many more interesting topics. By the end of the day all students from both schools had gained new knowledge and before we knew it we had to say good bye. It was a successful day enjoyed by all.

My name’s Elly and my group taught the Hazelwood students about native snakes, our lesson was very successful, all three of us not only got the time to teach other people about snakes but we also learnt how we can improve our public speaking and presentations. I loved the experience and would take the chance to do it again any day.

My name’s Chantelle and my group taught the Hazelwood students about Bush tucker. We had the students and ourselves eat some of the bush tucker plants and used them to wash their hands. I enjoyed the lesson and learnt new things and the students all told us afterward they enjoyed the lesson so it was all very successful and it went by in a flash.



Elly and Chantelle




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Today 2B and 2A drove to Buchan caves to go have a look and be introduced to some caving. We got to the main camping area and there was a fresh water pool that had the water from the underground cave running through it and had a rough temperature of thirteen degrees Celsius, so as you could imagine on a thirty two degree day we all gladly dunked our heads in the fresh cool water. We got split up into two different groups, my group went to the wild caves first and I was very happy to get under ground where it was an average of twenty degrees. We all saw the first entry hole and most thought no way I’m not doing that, we all fit through that easily and then we got onto the first really tight squeeze which was the famous “letter box”. The letter box is a shoot like thing where you “post” yourself down, to post yourself you hop in the thirty five cm gap and slide down head first down the slippery rock we thought that was tight but it was heaps of fun. In the Royal cave there are some amazing sights, not just the stalagmites and stalactites but little pools of completely flat water and it was just awesome.

Buchan Caves - Caving with Rory

What I liked the most was when our guide talked about the people who discovered it; they found a giant kangaroo skeleton which fell down through a crevasse and had sat there untouched for eighteen thousand years. This kangaroo sat about three metres tall and were meat eaters, you could still see remnants of the bones in the muddy wall I found that just awesome.

Rory - Sandringham College




Making the Most of Our Time - with Harry and Amy Print E-mail

Making the Most of Our Time - Harry & AmyHi our names are Harry and Amy,
We go to different schools, Harry goes to Rosebud, and Amy goes to Swifts Creek.

SRC has been jam packed with fun adventures. The people are really easy to get along with and after a couple of days or weeks you will be best friends with everyone.

The teachers here are really nice and really helpful when you need their help.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been busy with so many activities and reflections.

It has all been the best times of our lives, the teachers seem to make every activity here really exciting and fun, and tells each and every one to make the most of their time here.

We have learnt CPR, Safe food handling skills, we have learnt how to pack our bags properly and how to make the most out of every activity, whether it’s surfing or canoeing. We have only been here for 26 days but we feel like we have already made the most out of it even though we still have so much time left!

Harry - Rosebud Secondary College & Amy - Swifts Creek

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