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Snowy River has been the biggest journey for me so far in my life. It has taught me so many life changing things. It has encouraged me to be myself and to no longer try to impress everyone around me.

Before I started my journey here I was so focused on everyone else and what their opinion was of me but coming here I have learnt that it’s not what others think but it’s what I think of myself that matters. SRC has given me the chance to build up the courage and self-confidence to stand up for what I think is right, it has given me a hand full of opportunities to take on leadership roles, to put forward my ideas and opinions to the rest of the school community. This amazing opportunity with a great supportive team of peers and teachers has pushed me to move up and beyond what I ever thought was possible for me to accomplish. It is truly a life changing journey.

Amy - Sandringham College




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Lachlan's Caving Adventure

Hi my name is Lachlan and I go to Bairnsdale Secondary College

Yesterday I went caving at Buchan, the caves we visited were the Royal cave and Wilsons cave. It was a really full on day jam packed with excitement and something new to experiences. The first cave I went to was Wilson cave it was so much fun. There were so many little holes you think you won’t get through but you can. The Royal cave was more interesting for me, mainly because I hadn’t been there before and looked immaculate. Things I leant were that stalagmites and stalactites grow .1 of a millimetre a year and that there once were rivers flowing through the hillside.

Lachlan - Bairnsdale SC




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I am Harry and I am from Rosebud Secondary Collage! I am Elly and I’m from Alkira Secondary Collage! Over the time here at the SSL we have been doing this thing called passport which I had no idea what that was when I first heard of it! It is like an album of our life including our time at Snowy River Campus!

Over the last few weeks most people have been finishing their criteria’s and getting into the fun of getting creative and putting it together! Everyone has been putting in lots of time and effort, in and out of class getting their work done.

Everyone’s that I have seen so far are looking amazing and have lots of colours and photos scatted around on the page! Myself and many other people are working hard to get it done before our time sadly finishes here! Today lots of us were going around signing other people’s passports!

Elly- Alkira SC and Harry- Rosebud SC




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Our names are Alana and Luke and we are both from Bairnsdale Secondary College. We were student leaders yesterday and we had a great time running last night’s evening class, the 7 pillars of health and wellbeing.

Our community goal was for everyone to have a positive attitude all day as we only have a couple more weeks left and we believe everyone should be stepping up and making the most of this amazing experience.

Bairnsdale Leaders

Alana: My personal goal for the day was for my school to finish our master plan for our Community Learning Project (CLP). We got the master plan finished and is ready to be proof read.

Some of my favourite activities I have been involved in are surfing and caving. Today was our last surfing lesson and we didn’t have big waves but everyone had a great last lesson. I’m looking forward to going home and seeing all my family and friends but I don’t want to leave SRC because I have become so close with everyone here and it will be hard to leave them.

Luke: My personal goal was to be positive throughout first aid which I did quite well.

Some of my favourite activities I have done here are surfing, water watch, caving and snorkelling. I am excited to go home, this has been a great experience which I wouldn’t change for the world but I miss sleeping.

Alana and Luke - Bairnsdale SC




Katherine's Environmental Bike Ride Print E-mail

Hi, my name is Katherine and I am from Sandringham College.

Today, 2B were the first group to go on the full day environmental bike ride. We left straight after 9:00am headcount and were driven to an area where timber has recently been harvested. We were then taken to a site just across the road where the trees had been cleared seven years ago and new, young trees were growing up. We discussed how we felt about the way timber is harvested and used De Bono’s hats to help reflect our thoughts and opinions.

After this, we started our challenging 28km bike ride. We rode through tracks, on roads and up and down hills and even though there were some steep climbs that looked never ending, we all successfully completed the course, coming out of it with new skills, talents and qualities.

Over the last 9 hours, every member of 2B has improved their biking skills, their positivity and their encouragement. We know that the time is flying so we are making the best of every amazing opportunity we are given!

Katherine - Sandringham College

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