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Tim's Report on his Half Day Bike-Ride Print E-mail

Hi my name is Tim and I go to Bairnsdale Secondary College.

Today is day 31 and I’m going to be talking about the half day bike ride to Marlo I want on.
Yesterday I went on the half day bike ride to Marlo. We got ready straight after lunch and got our bikes and equipment. We had to get into pairs and ride in two lines and when a car came we would go into a single file line, my partner was Sarah. Majority of the way was on a nature track, winding between trees and bushes. It was a very cruisy bike ride; we weren’t going as fast as we could to get there in a hurry. We stopped a few times at lookouts and there were some really nice views of the ocean and a lot of good photos were taken. Once we got to Marlo we went and stopped at the playground for a break before we turned back.

Tim's Bike-Ride Team

Going back was easy knowing how far we had to go but most of it seemed to be up hill. When we got back at 4:20 we cleaned the bikes and went inside for afternoon tea, ICE-CREAM!! I had so much fun on the bike ride and now I can’t wait for the all-day bike ride.

By Tim - Bairnsdale Secondary College




End of Summer Print E-mail

Hi my name is Maxx, and I go to Elisabeth Murdoch College

Summer has been a blast for Snowy River Campus everyone is out doing things like surfing, canoeing bike riding etc. And now that summer is gone those activities will change heaps, the weather will be really windy and rainy and it won’t be hot/warm as it was when we first got here. I think that being here at Snowy River everyone has learnt to get along with everyone else and the memories that we have made and are going to make will last forever. But now that summer is gone everyone will just want to stay inside and not do any activities at all but hopefully that doesn’t happen and everyone is still going to make memories.




Surfing at East Cape Print E-mail

We were all a little tired because we came back from expo the day before we went surfing but we all wanted to have a really good time. We got out on the beach and did our warm up; all the while looking at the waves wishing we could hurry up and get out there. We finally got to grab our boards and go. We started off slow but the longer we spent in the water the more energy we had. The waves were getting bigger and the wind was getting stronger. By mid-morning the waves were huge and it was really windy. We paddled in and out all whilst searching for the best wave to catch. It was perfect surf conditions with the wind coming from the shore going out to sea which held the face of the wave up so it didn’t crash as early. I think from the whole morning we all got smashed by a few waves, especially the big ones but that’s all part of the fun. We weren’t as energetic as normal but we couldn’t resist just bumming around on the beach so we had to get out there.

So far that has been the best surf session in my opinion that we have had here. Hopefully there are more like that to come!

Dylan P- Elisabeth Murdoch College




Intro to Snorkelling with Jason and Tyson Print E-mail

I am Jason D and today I had snorkelling in the afternoon.

We collected our gear and bussed down to the river near Salmon Rocks. We had to put on 3 layers so walking down the board-walk was so exhausting! Mr den Otter and Mrs Beck attempted to stop us from just diving straight in but failed massively at that task. We got the gear on quickly once we had taken a quick dip, and we started the intro to snorkelling.

We did a bit of a swim around the edge of the river and them we had a game of Scarecrow tiggy in the water. I managed to find out the hard way of what the water tasted like after I tried to take a breath with a snorkel full of water. Yuk!! After we got out the wetsuits trapped a heap of the water in our legs, making it look like we were wearing bell-flared pants. I think Noah had the biggest with Graham and Rory both coming a close second in bell-flare size. Think 20-30cm!! When they took off the wetsuits they created a small river. Overall it was a really, really fun day!

By Jason


The other day 2A went down to the lake to go for an intro to snorkelling. We got down there with all our gear and chucked it all on. First, Ms Merritt went through the basics of it all and some of the more experienced taught the group how to duck dive. We started by just playing around in the water and then the group decided to go for a bit of a swim up the lake. Under the water was nothing, we couldn’t even see half a meter in front of us. When we got back I got out of the water and found out that the booties that we had to wear were all filled up with water. So I quickly got them off and jumped back in. At the end of the day we ended up just having a play around, we also had a little duck diving contest that was pretty funny.

Over all I think that everyone had a great time and everyone leant a lot about snorkelling. I also think that next time we will all be confident enough to go into the ocean, thank you to Ms Merritt and Mr Pfanner for taking the class.

Tyson - Mallacoota P-12 College




Speaking for a Cause - Conor and Elly Print E-mail

Yesterday we were the student leaders; we had safe food handling and Barry Heard for the day.

Today everyone passed there safe food handling test so we all now have certificates for that. Barry Heard, a writer, came in to speak to us about his story. It was a very inspirational and moving speech; he talked about from when he was a young child and how he grew up, to when he went to war and his life after war. Barry has written three books and all have been award winning. With all of his books he received many thanks especially from the veterans of the war. He is giving some of the earnings of the book to a hospital in South Africa so the hospital can have electricity. He was selling all three of his books yesterday to us and lots of people were interested in getting one. We all enjoyed the day very much and learnt new knowledge.

Conor - Rosebud SC and Elly - Alkira SC

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