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Three Weeks Already! Print E-mail

Wow, it’s 1 day off being 3 weeks here at Snowy, in some ways it feels like I’ve been here forever. I really don’t want it to come to end but then others it feels like, wow already 3 weeks, its gone so fast!

You could say time flies when you’re having a great time. So it’s only been three weeks and we already have covered so much; we have done intro to bikes, bridge building, surfing, sustainability, canoeing, we’ve had Darren Mc Cubbin come in, Marlo challenge, 2 thinking and learning classes, relaxation, CPR training, Our Local Learning Projects and Community Learning Projects and also 3 passport classes. I’m so excited to see what other thing’s they have in store for us!

Kimberley - Maffra SC




Daniel Out on Expedition Print E-mail

Hi I’m Daniel and I am from Swifts Creek Secondary College, I have already been at Snowy River Campus for 3 weeks but it seems like arrival day was just the other day. We have already done so many activities and there is never a dull moment here. The food is amazing thanks to Mrs Pascal and Mrs Hollaway and duties are a piece of cake.

Adventures on Expo - My favourite thing here so far

One of my favourite things here so far was expedition; we packed our packs to the brim with food, sleeping mats and bags, clothes, camping stoves, tents and other personal items. Then loaded them into the van and drove to a drop off point from which we walked along the beach for 9 kms before stopping for lunch. After lunch we walked 4 kms through the bush to our campsite. After setting up camp and cooking tea we played a few games on the beach before finally going to sleep. In the morning we ate our breakfast then walked another 4 kms along the beach before having some reflection time and playing a few games. Afterwards, we walked another 2 kms along the Yeerung River before having lunch, then we got picked up by Ms Beck before returning to school. I loved expo because nobody was fighting or arguing at all and we made some pretty great memories.

Daniel, Swifts Creek Secondary College




Hello from Bairnsdale Secondary College Print E-mail

Hi our names are Luke and Alana and we are both from Bairnsdale Secondary College.

We were student leaders yesterday and for our community goal we mixed up the community at dinner by everyone picking out a colour from a hat and they had to wear the colour they picked out and sit at the table that matched.

Hello from Bairnsdale SC - Luke and Alana

Alana: My personal goal for the day was to speak confidently. I did this by speaking louder, making sure everyone was quiet and knowing what I was going to say.
My favourite thing at SRC has been surfing. I learnt a lot and I hope to stand up more at our future lessons.

Luke: My personal goal for the day was to be a good student leader by making sure everyone is ready for headcounts and making sure the community is paying attention.
My favourite thing at SRC has been the dancing night which was on the 12th of February. Mrs Herbert taught us a few dances then we did the Macarena. My dancing partner was Bessie and I had a lot of fun.




Day 17 Print E-mail

Hi my name is Kellie and I am from Elisabeth Murdoch College. Today is our 17th day here at Snowy!

Since we have been here we have done many things, such as bridge building, thinking and learning, Marlo challenge, surfing, canoeing, expo skill, leadership conference and many more. My favourite thing while I've been here has been getting to know everyone and getting out of my comfort zone.

Day 17

Tomorrow we are going on our first Expo and I will be getting out of my comfort zone. Being student leader was quite nerve racking at times but very beneficial at the end of the day as we got to run a class so this helped my presentation skills improve dramatically. Getting to know everyone has been great as I feel like I already have 44 new friends and everyone gets along really well! The most difficult part while I've been here is being away from your family but as soon as you get your mind off the fact that you're home sick you're fine! You just have to keep yourself motivated. I can't wait for the rest of my time here at Snowy and the things that I can learn about myself and others.

By Kellie - Elisabeth Murdoch College




Adventures So Far Print E-mail

My name is Jack and I am from Maffra Secondary College and I have been here at SRC for 2 weeks, but to me it feels like 2 days.

Time flies when you are here and so much happens, already I have learnt so much. Already 2b, Maffra and Sandringham, have completed Bridge Building which was a lot of fun but took lots of time and thought to get to our goals but that was good. We have also had Expo Skills which is preparing us for the many hikes to come. For another we had canoeing which was one of my personal favourites because we got to go down Christmas Creek which was AMAZING. We have also completed our intro to bikes which involves learning how to ride the bikes appropriately and safely which was good because now everyone has access to the bike.

We have also had small things happen along the way such as getting our laptops, starting our passports and we have also made a great start on our CLP’s. This is only the beginning to the great journey we are all going to take part in.

By Jack, Maffra Secondary College

Adventure So Far

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