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My Day and Possibly Future Career by Kirk Print E-mail

The day when I was leader I had no idea what I was doing. I was very shy, didn’t complete my personal goal and didn’t get the chance to express myself as a leader and someone who deserves to be here. It was ok for then but when I do it next I believe I’ll be much better and be able to step up to the plate. One really fun thing we did was have the chance to create a film. This was a point where I was able to show a bit more of my creative side even though in the end I didn’t have enough time to show the class the full video because it wasn’t completely finished by the time we had presentation. But it was really fun and before we set off making our own video we were able to see a movie which showed us a day in the life of a professional photographer, in particularly he does work with climbing. His story was cool as he had to get the perfect shot while 1000’s of feet high above the ground. All in all it was a pretty good day, as I know it will be one of the many days here at Snowy and I can’t wait until tomorrow!

Kirk - Mt. Clear College




Grace's Ripper Time Print E-mail

Hello I’m Gracie I currently attend Snowy River Campus but my home school is Koo Wee Rup Secondary College.

My time here so far has been amazing and I’ve only been here 18 days. I’ve been surfing, hiking, canoeing, bike riding. Today I went on a 16km bike ride - it was good... well it beats walking up sand dunes. I dislike sand dunes.

I have also have done Thinking and Learning, CPR, I got my Safe Food Handling certificate, and a whole heap of other classes but no math or English … it’s so good.

I get up at 6:30am and we have a headcount at 7:30 then classes start at 9. We have 2 classes and a night class so we get a lot of free time and we also get heaps of food and it’s really good food. We have good food because we have happy chefs.

We do duties such as lunch set up, dishes, moping and bathrooms. The duties are fun, I know surprising right, a teenager saying they like duties what is the world coming to. We also do our own washing and I clean my room every day because it’s a small space, I like to keep it clean.

Well we will see what tomorrow brings bye.




An Introduction to Canoeing by David Print E-mail

Today 2A (Edenhope and Mt Eliza Secondary) had canoeing throughout the whole day. First off we learnt some basic things like, how to put on your life jacket and how to hold your paddle. After the intro we got straight into action. Once we were on the water we also learnt some basic strokes such as, the forward paddle, the sweep, the rudder and many more. Once every pair had this down pat we went for a gentle paddle up stream, from this little paddle people started to figure out that communication was a key part of not running into the bushes and trees. We came to a calm spot and listened to the birds and the serenity of the bush for a while, then headed back down stream to pick up our lunch on the way through.

David and Mirrami having a paddle together

Once we had our lunch aboard we then had to switch partners, which proved to be a difficult thing for some. When we reached the outlet of the river to the ocean, we ate lunch. We then swapped partners again and headed back to do some capsizing which was quite fun! We learnt how to do a T rescue then an individual rescue, many did not want to get wet but it was bad luck for them. We then headed back to campus for afternoon tea and to socialize.

David – Mt Eliza Secondary College




Goal Setting Business Print E-mail

Today 2A had Individual Learning Program and then Community Learning Projects. In ILP we worked on setting goals. Some people knew exactly what they had to work on, and how they were going to do it, and found goal setting very easy. Others however, found it a little more difficult, sometimes wondering what the point was. We watched a video about amazing things people can do, and then we got it. All those things people can do, all those fantastic sporting moments that athletes wait their whole lives for, all those carefully manoeuvred car tricks, they all got to that point because of previous goals they had set for themselves, and that’s what goal setting is, it’s a useful tool that many people use to get them from where they are, to where they want to be. And that’s why we set goals, to challenge ourselves and to get where we want to go.

We also had CLP. That was a bit more difficult because we didn’t really know what we wanted to do. But after answering some questions, we figured out what we interested in and thought about some organisations and now we have a CLP structure, of which we will build on and add to, and hopefully end up with a great CLP.

Sophie - Edenhope College




Oscar and Cassie Report on Day 11 Print E-mail

Hi our names are Oscar and Cassie and we are from Edenhope College and Koo Wee Rup Secondary College.

This morning we both started off with Thinking and Learning 2 which was a continuation of Thinking and Learning 1. Today we discussed the quadrants in a team work way and how different quadrants work together and also how they can clash.

Oscars’ group did bike intro - it was pretty fun but most of the things we did I already knew. We did a slalom course and rode a bit on the bike track. It was fun apart from when the gears on my bike stuffed up.

Cassie’s group in the afternoon class did Peer Skills which is about the team working together and building up skills to feel comfortable with each other and trust one another. We had to write anonymously on a piece of paper a compliment about each person.

Overall Oscar and Cassie had a pretty fun day.




Our First Rest Day Print E-mail

Yesterday was our first rest day (Sunday). There were varieties of wonderful things you can do on rest days. Such as mountain bike riding, fishing, surfing, hiking, watch movies and basically whatever you want to do. To allow these activities to run, you need to write a proposal and stick it onto the whiteboard. You need to get certain amount of people depending on how many staff is attending with the students. Fortunately, there were about 13 students who signed up for the proposal, which is sufficient for an average activity so they were allowed to go. Also at afternoon, there were quite a lot of students who signed up for movie watching so that got permitted too. As many people left after the voting because they didn’t get to watch the movie they wanted to watch. It was a delightful day.


A 6 word poem

Lazy, Fishing, Movie, Rainy, Windy, Storm


By Jin- Elwood College and Brodi- Koo Wee Rup




Workshops with the Boys - Bed Making 101 Print E-mail
The fellas learn how to properly make a bed
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