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Classes of Fun - Student Leaders Eddie and Aidan Print E-mail

Yesterday Eddie and I were the student leaders for The Snowy River Campus.

The best activity that we did yesterday was the half day bike ride. We went all around Marlo except for the main street. Our other activity was CPR it was fun because we got to muck around with manikins that only have half a body. We had to blow air into their mouths for the CPR challenge.

Yesterday for evening class we had a Water Filter Activity. Our task was to build a water filter with the supplies from the shop and clean and filter the dirty water. But there was a twist! There were six countries you could be: Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. Depending on which country you came from would affect how much money you got, how readable the instructions were and how much particular items cost. We (Eddie and I) were both put in Australia which put us at the advantage because we were given $1000 and readable instructions. Although the items cost more for us we still managed our costs well because we had a lot of it. Our water filter went ok but I believe we could have completed the task a little bit better if we had communicated better, slowed down for a minute and thought a little bit more about the task. Overall it was a fun activity that was easy to get involved in.

Eddie - Mt Clear and Aidan - Koo Wee Rup




A Relaxed Day with Katie and Sri Print E-mail

Hi it’s Katie and Sri

Yesterday was a relaxed day. Katie had beliefs and values and peer skills in the afternoon. Sri had Passports and CPR.

In CPR we learnt the basics of first aid and how to resuscitate a person depending on if they are on land or if they are on water. It also depends on if they are an infant or an elderly person. In beliefs and values we discussed the differences in peoples’ individuality and what they believe in. We discussed and argued on topics and answered questions on what we believe in. In peer skills we learnt how to get along with each other and learnt how to support each other in our group. We played group games, discussed our fears and built up confidence.

From Daylesford SC and Alkira SC




A Big Rush - Jaymie-Lee Print E-mail

Well... for my first blog, I have so much I want to talk about but that would take a bit so...

My highlight for the last week would probably be surfing. It was our second lesson and it was AMAZING. The waves were massive and we just caught wave after wave. When you caught one an even bigger one would come crashing down and you would be like “Arghh I should have waited”. But with the rush going through us we couldn’t possibly wait. I caught a few waves and managed to stand up but I have a bit more practise to do. The funniest moment was probably when I was about to stand up and then Mitchell came next to me and our boards collided. I had a good laugh about this. Also another funny moment was when Cassie nose-dived.

A Big Rush - Jaymie-lee

It was great and I can’t wait for our third lesson so we can go surfing on rest days.

By Jaymie-lee - Kaniva Secondary College




A Poem by Brad and Zoe Print E-mail

The day was rest day,
Some went to the beach,
Some fished in the bay,
We got one Salada each,

Others stayed at home,
Movies were played,
People were alone,
Until the sun laid,

The highlight of the day was listening to Josh Cashman play and talk for us.
He was a big inspiration to all the musicians or even future footy stars here.
Spirit spot was spiritual and Brad got buried alive!
We watched a movie and people went to the beach and went fishing as mentioned above.

Thanks for reading
By Brad - Koo Wee Rup and Zoe - Daylesford SC




2A Half Day Bike Ride - Matisse and Jackson Print E-mail

Today was a pretty good day. My expo group, 2A did CLP and ½ day bike ride. My school group got a lot more done than last time when we began the task and argued a lot less (we argue A LOT). We now have a pretty good idea of what we are doing.

2A Half Day Bike Ride

The ½ day bike ride was pretty intense, but I thought it was going to be much harder than it was. We rode to the beach lookout and then went a bit further down a walking/bike track. We then rode back to campus. There were some pretty big hills to go up, but I made it home (thank goodness). We only had one crash, but it wasn’t too bad, just a few grazes.

Blog - By Matisse and Jackson




CPR 1: Learning the wires! Print E-mail

Mr den Otter was dead! He had to be revived in the meeting room by a teacher preforming CPR.

I’m just kidding; we had a great time learning all the tricks of the trade for CPR (1). When the whole class was thoroughly informed about what to do and how to act around clinically dead people we started testing each other, one of us acted dead while the other went through the CPR tactics. Before we did the actions of CPR we had to see if they were unconscious or not. Some of the things we did was ask them to open their eyes and ‘squeeze my hand’.

Then we got to practice on the dummy! We had trained all of 20 mins for this and now it was time to revive him. We tried all the responses and practised CPR on his chest and tilting the head back for the breathings. My partner Montana was GREAT at CPR and timed the chest resuscitations perfectly! Over all a great time, awesome and fun learning time at CPR class!

CPR with Madi

By Madison – Elwood College 1A




Some Boot Scootin Fun Print E-mail

Hello! My name is Meghan and I was student leader yesterday.

The highlight of my time here so far would have to be the bush dance night. What happened was, everyone dressed up in their flannies, jeans and boots (girls did their hair in piggy tails and had eyeliner feckless) and went into the common room for a great time of boot scooting and laughs. It was loads of fun dancing around, getting tripped over by the people behind us and laughing at how ridiculous we all looked but no one cared because we were all having fun. The night was a huge success and we all had heaps of fun. Before we went to bed, we had a go at the nut bush just for fun, plus everyone’s brain hurt from trying to remember all of the dance moves we just learned. I personally loved it because it was the first time I’d danced properly in about 4 weeks. I miss my dancing but this was a good alternative.

Some Boot Scootin Fun

Meghan, from Alkira SC




Cassie and Jack Report on the Leadership Conference Print E-mail

Today everyone had a 'Leadership Conference'.

We were split up from our Expo teams, and put into whole new ones. We were put into a group of 3, and luckily were put with some really nice and funny people, which made the day more enjoyable. To begin we had ‘Leadership Cake’, we made truffles (oddly not a cake), and each ingredient represented a different leadership attribute. After morning tea, we had a guest speaker come in. Her name is Debbi Gray, and she was born without arms, and only grew to around 4 feet high. Her story was very inspirational, because although she was handicapped, it didn’t really show. She was able to do normal everyday things like everyone else; she just had to go about them differently. She writes with her feet, and still has better handwriting than us!

Leadership Conference with Debbi Gray

After lunch we had ‘Leadership Activity’ in which our team was made to figure out how to get things from one spot to another without touching it, and being at least 2 metres away. We had to come together and think of a solution, which worked in the end. Next we had ‘Role Models’. Here we talked about who our role models are and why. We also discussed what exactly a role model is. Lastly, we had ‘What the Experts Say’. We learnt about different ways to look at and be a leader, like being in the midst of the action or watching from a far. We then watched a clip, where a guy gets pushed to his limits and thinks he can’t do it anymore, but ends up succeeding. This afternoon, to cool off, we all went down to the beach. It was the perfect end to a great day.

Cassie, Alkira Secondary College & Jack, Mt Clear Secondary College




Laura and Josh Report on Day 12 at Snowy Print E-mail

Today, 2A and 2B went surfing.

After we had packed our bags and travelled down to East Cape Conran, we were met by two surf instructors. They taught us how to stand properly on the board, how to correctly carry it to the beach, which waves were best and they also were there to help us correct any mistakes we were making, which would cause us to face plant heavily into the beating waves. As it got later into the afternoon, the waves turned massive along with the huge thunderstorm, and so the most of us ended being sucked under into the swell over and over again. Nether the less, we were very persistent and a few of us managed to stand up in the foamy water.

Josh having a Rest - Surfing at Cape Conran

All in all, it was a fun day and we can’t wait to go out and improve our skills over the next few weeks. After we all got back from the beach we all had showers and then got ready for a guest speaker named Tony who was from Bairnsdale police. She was from the sexual harassment unit. She spoke to us about what happens in sexual harassment cases.

Laura- Mt. Clear College and Josh - Mt Eliza SC




Rest Day 2 - Montana and Sri Print E-mail

Hi our names are Sri and Montana He and we are from Alkira Secondary College and Mt Eliza Secondary College.

This was our second rest day and we could do a variety of activities. Sri along with a group of fifteen went to the beach at Cape Conran straight after breakfast. Montana stayed back with the others and made friendship bracelets while other options of passing your time were watching Grease and cooking in the kitchen.

After lunch there was a movie option of Nemo or other recreational activities on campus. For DEARR (Drop Everything And Reflect and Read) we walked to the beach, unfortunately between us and the beach were two HUGE sand dunes. Writing on the beach was peaceful but the walk back up the sand dunes was treacherous.

Rest Day at Beach

Evening class was learning about the Coastal Environments such as animals and plants that live in rock pools and shallow reefs.

Montana and Srivathsan (Sri)




Being Student Leaders - Abbey and Toby Print E-mail

Hi our names are Abbey and Toby and we are from Daylesford Secondary College and Edenhope College.

We were student leaders on Wednesday the 16th of October. Yesterday Toby’s group started off with Thinking and Learning 2 where they played a game of Zooley. Abbey’s group started off with Intro to ILP (Individual Learning Project) where we set goals for ourselves to achieve throughout our time here at Snowy.

In the afternoon Abbey’s group had Intro to CLP (Community Learning Project) which was really good as we made a lot of progress and can now see where our project is going. Toby’s group did Intro to Bikes which were fun and interesting as they all weren’t familiar with all the rules.

Yesterday at the start of the day we set personal goals. My personal goal was to express my opinions with my group. I could not achieve my personal goal as I had no need to express anything with my group. I (Abbey) set the goal to be more confident with public speaking. I believe that I achieved my goal and am quite proud that I did. Our community goal for the day was to get everyone outside to play a game after dinner unfortunately we were unable to achieve our community goal as time didn’t permit for us to do it.

Overall, we both had a great day being student leaders.

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