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Once upon a time, there was a group of students called 2B (or not 2B… That is the question…). They set off on a wild adventure into the unknown. They were the only bunch of students around all day because everyone else was off on wild adventures off campus. They saved each other’s lives multiple times, although a couple of people died! They got covered in paint and lost some limbs, but were a-okay in the end. There was an insane hysterical girl running around and screaming with burns down her legs scaring everyone (totally NOT Maggie…), a headless guy in the veggie patch (could’ve been Aiden…), someone vomiting up Weetbix (definitely not Brad…), an adorable toddler who burnt their hands (Eddie was adorable), a suspected spinal injury patient who got moved (Grace died from that), and a certain someone (Eddie) who forgot to put handle bars and a seat on a bike then rode it off a cliff (it was pretty nasty in the glutinous maximus).

They had lunch at one table only with the amazing cooks who we adore (and the teachers too I guess…) and ate almost two tubs of spaghetti between the 10 of them. They all helped out with clean up then went on to pursue their CLP’s. Half of them talked to a flooded school while the other half worked on the master plan (to take over THE WORLD) and Libby made not one, but TWO phone calls to move their group forwards.

That night the FABULOUS student leaders (Maggie and Brad) dress-up in the fanciest of clothes (Hulk shorts, florescent shirt, purple tux and green tie) and waltz the stage to host Minute to Win It! They had ping pong balls and Weetbix flying everywhere and for some reason Jackson was really good at bouncing ping pong balls into a bucket on his head (they wanted a drug test). Group 4 were the overall winners after a gruelling tie-breaker with Group 2 that was trickier than it looked.

Fabulous Leaders

-By Maggie (Mount Clear College) and Brad (Koo We Rup Secondary College)




Our Caving Experience - Eamonn and Maggie Print E-mail

Yesterday the group of core one went caving. Our caving experience started off walking through the Royal cave. It was really interesting to experience what it was like down in the caves. We started off walking through the main cave learning about the way the cave was formed and how stalactites and stalagmites were made. After lunch we went down to the Wild cave. Once we arrived there we split into two groups and then headed off down into the caves with our instructor.

Our Caving Experience

Being down in the caves was a really enjoyable time. It was frightening at times crossing some of the obstacles but we all faced our fears and made it through safely. Our guide explained to us the different types of caves and caving techniques once we were down there. The caving experience was one of my favourite times at Snowy River Campus.

– Eamonn - Daylesford SC and Maggie - Mt Clear College




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Making Pigs with SocksHello outside world, today here at SRC we had T.O.A.S.T. That stands for teach others a Skill or Task. There were many activities like Rugby, Jump style, Roommate 101, Craft with Socks, singing and I think how to solve a Rubic’s cube. There may have been others but can’t remember.

The three activities that I joined in were Jump style, Craft with socks and Singing. All those three activities where all really fun and I enjoyed them very much. In the Craft with Socks we made little Pigs. They are so cute. I found it really easy to make but some of the others might not have. I also helped the other students here how to make them. It was a really good day. I really enjoyed making them. Thank you to the staff and students who organised it.
By Chayle - Kaniva College

T otally amazing
O pportunity to share
A wesome Fun
S pects of rain
T alent and more




A Day of Hard Work - Sophie and Montana Report on Their Day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Hello our names are Sophie and Montana, we are both in 2A and yesterday we were student leaders.

For our classes yesterday we had CLP and Passports.

In CLP Mt. Eliza finished their master plan and started brainstorming ideas for our presentations, Edenhope almost finished our masterplan and achieved our goal for the lesson, which was to not argue or yell at each other.

In Passports both of our schools set to work on getting up to Criteria 6 so we could go out on activities the following day which is rest day. We all worked hard and got a majority of the work done.

In evening class 2A had boardgames/ passports while 2B who had just arrived back from Expo had Personal Prep and Core 1 (1A and 1B) watched a film called Ryan’s Well.

All in all it was a good day, everyone learn many things and got lots of work done.

Blog by Sophie (Edenhope) and Montana (Mt. Eliza)




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Indigenous DayYesterday we had indigenous culture day. We went down to the beach and met up with some aboriginals to talk about their clan and about their ancestor’s lifestyle back in the day. I especially liked the part about the “men’s business”. He talked about much about his life as a male back in the day and showed us many of the tools that they would use as everyday objects. These were all made out using traditional methods, consisting of mostly trees and rocks. He talked a lot about his family and how that people of today are racist, people saying all the jokes about him. The thing though was that they were all real things about him so he didn’t care what they said. One racial slur was “spear thrower” as such but it was water of a ducks back and he kept on with his day.

The thing though that really stuck in my mind is that family runs deeper than blood. This saying that they don’t have to be related to be family and this made me think a lot about my uncles and aunties. Half though aren’t related as such but I’ve known them as family my whole life you wouldn’t think any less of them. He knew his family; he knew who his ancestors were and who he was. I, on the other hand, don’t know as much of where I come from and where my “nature” lies. I intend to find out more about my family and more about the bond I have with the land or where exactly the land I come from is.

Kirk - Mt Clear College




Day 34 Print E-mail

Today, as some students had to be on campus at a certain time, 3 students from 2B had to swap places with some students from 2A and I was one of those students. It was really cool to see how 2B did things compared to 2A and how they worked together, it was different to my group, but it wasn’t a bad different. I did photography in the morning and surfing in the afternoon, so it was a really good day all ‘round. For photography, we had David Tatnall as our teacher and he talked about how the camera works, how it works with different lights and different settings for different shades and amounts of lights. After he spoke about that, we went to west cape to take photos. I had a ball, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Day 34 - Surfing

For surfing, we got out there and after a warm up, we practiced, as it was our last session before we are evaluated. So I tried my best to make the most of it, I even stood up twice!! Overall, it was a really good day, now for parents visiting weekend with our parents.

Matisse - Edenhope College




Local Learning Project with Orbost PS Print E-mail

Today was LLP day. LLP (Local Learning Project) is where all the students are grouped into 3 or 4 and make a project that you later on present to a group of primary school kids. You were given a selection of topics, some of them were bush tucker, surfing safety, indigenous culture, marine life and health and fitness. Today the Orbost Primary School’s year 5’s and 6’s came and took part in our projects. It was an interesting day to be student leaders since we had to be the leaders not only of our peers but also the kids as well. The kids seem to have enjoyed themselves and gave some great feedback about how we went. Towards the end Jin and Cam entertained the kids by demonstrating a few “magnificent, fabulous, awesome” magic tricks! Needless to say they were pretty shocked (in a good way!)

In the evening we had a guest speaker come in called David Tatnall. David is a very talented, Victorian photographer. He showed us some of his work and gave us some advice about how to use lighting in photos. Over the next couple of days we’ll be having classes with him using the SLR cameras that the school owns. Hopefully we’ll get some good shots!

By Jin- Elwood and Libby – Mt Clear




Reflection on Parent Visiting Weekend by Taylah Print E-mail

Hi my name is Taylah; I was a student leader on Saturday and Sunday over parent visiting weekend.

I was so excited to finally see my family after five weeks of being separated and so grateful that my family made the effort to come up and see me. It felt a little bit strange and overwhelming being back with my family but I was also disappointed that I only had a short amount of time with them too.

In the short time I was with my family, we went shopping in Lakes Entrance and enjoyed each other’s company while watching Toy Story and playing charades. I also took some of my work and showed my family that. It was lovely to talk to them and hear what had been happening at home. My family noticed that I had changed a lot, which made my mother cry. She then told me she was very proud to call me her daughter.

It was upsetting to have to say goodbye again but I’m only here for four more weeks, so I am going to make the most of my time here.

Taylah - Mt Eliza




Gallery from Weeks 4 and 5. We're Over Halfway through the SSL Program Print E-mail
Weeks 4 and 5 - Over halfway through the program



Not On Time Rest Day Print E-mail

Izzi -
So my goal for yesterday (Saturday the 26th of October.) was to clean my room. Yes, cleaning was my goal. It was a rest day, what was I supposed to do? I did clean my room, mum will be proud. The other part of my goal was to become a more confident speaker. That too went well. So my personal student leader goals went well. But with the community goal; well that went slightly different. It was ‘to have a relaxed rest day, but to run on time.’ It was a relaxed rest day, so that part worked. But it did not run on time. I feel this was my own fault. I could have gone and got everybody; at least warned them that a head-count or a meeting was coming up. Not my finest hour of leadership, something to work on next time.

Chayle -
My goal for yesterday was to clean my room and to work on my public speaking. I did semi clean my room but I wish I put a little bit more effort into it. In regards to my public speaking I believe I did a good job and I was fairly confident. Our community goal like Izzi said was for everyone to be on time throughout the day. I think it went okay but could improve. The reason why I think we didn’t do so well in achieving our goal is because some of the students were off campus doing activities. I had a good day and it was a great rest day.

By Izzi - Elwood College & Chayle - Kaniva College




Goals and CPR Exam - Penelope and Jackson Print E-mail

Hello our names are Penelope and Jackson and we are from Edenhope College and Mt Eliza. Yesterday our group “2A” had Intro to Review ILP (Individual learning Plan) and CPR Exam.

Hi, I am Jackson, yesterday I had ILP and CPR exam. Yesterday I had lots of fun in my classes and I felt good about how I set my goals in ILP in the morning. Yesterday in the afternoon we had an exam to pass CPR. I really enjoyed it and had a few laughs as well.

Hey! You might have figured it out by now but my name is Penelope. I enjoyed ILP yesterday. I set different goals that I have achieved for the last 5 weeks while here or at least tried to achieve them! I had a great time in CPR exam! Don’t worry everybody survived it … barely!!! I have been having a great time here at Snowy. Parent visiting weekend is at the end of the week and I am excited to spend some time with my family and maybe sneak a few blocks of chocolate in as well?

Goodbye for now people in the outside world,
Penelope - Edenhope College and Jackson- Mt. Eliza SC

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