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Making Pigs with SocksHello outside world, today here at SRC we had T.O.A.S.T. That stands for teach others a Skill or Task. There were many activities like Rugby, Jump style, Roommate 101, Craft with Socks, singing and I think how to solve a Rubic’s cube. There may have been others but can’t remember.

The three activities that I joined in were Jump style, Craft with socks and Singing. All those three activities where all really fun and I enjoyed them very much. In the Craft with Socks we made little Pigs. They are so cute. I found it really easy to make but some of the others might not have. I also helped the other students here how to make them. It was a really good day. I really enjoyed making them. Thank you to the staff and students who organised it.
By Chayle - Kaniva College

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