A Day of Hard Work - Sophie and Montana Report on Their Day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Hello our names are Sophie and Montana, we are both in 2A and yesterday we were student leaders.

For our classes yesterday we had CLP and Passports.

In CLP Mt. Eliza finished their master plan and started brainstorming ideas for our presentations, Edenhope almost finished our masterplan and achieved our goal for the lesson, which was to not argue or yell at each other.

In Passports both of our schools set to work on getting up to Criteria 6 so we could go out on activities the following day which is rest day. We all worked hard and got a majority of the work done.

In evening class 2A had boardgames/ passports while 2B who had just arrived back from Expo had Personal Prep and Core 1 (1A and 1B) watched a film called Ryan’s Well.

All in all it was a good day, everyone learn many things and got lots of work done.

Blog by Sophie (Edenhope) and Montana (Mt. Eliza)