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Term 3 - Enviro Bike Ride

On the 2nd of the September 2015 we went on a full day bike out to Cabbage Tree Creek. Starting our morning with high spirts and everyone all kitted up for the trek. We rode off the campus and started off with a good pace. Our whole expo team worked well together, helping and encouraging each other along the way when challenges were placed upon us. We took regular breaks and reminded each other to stay hydrated. We had lunch near a goat farm and also visited the Cabbage Tree Palms which had an astonishing view. The Cabbage Tree Palms had many diverse and unique plants which was intriguing. As student leaders we had the roles of leading the group and being the whip at the back. Artiles was the whip whilst Bethany was the leader. Near the end we felt like dying because the ride was so long. In total it was a 40km ride. Overall, even though it was fun the day itself was extremely tiring and we probably won’t want to do it again.

By Artiles- Copperfield College & Bethany- Irymple SC




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Last night we ran a game night called Minute to Win It. We split the 19 students into 4 groups and played 5 games where 1 person from the group came up and had to play 1 of the games. A few examples of the games were balancing a savoy on your head and trying to get it to your mouth without touching it with your hands and also eating a Weetabix and then trying to whistle afterwards. It was really good to see everyone working together to try and win points for their team and cheering each other on. I think everybody had a really fun night.

Katie- Taylors Lakes and Josh- Ararat




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Our evening class was quite interesting. This is because the Food For Thought committee held an activity where we were put into groups that representing how much tasks you had to do and what amount of food you would get.

Both of us being in the disadvantaged part we had many tasks to do and whilst we did them we could wear no shoes. Some of the tasks the disadvantage ‘families’ received was to plant seeds, collect fire wood, wash the cars, sweep and rack and also pull out weeds in the garden. Some of these task included… For food we got 250g of rice between five people and while we were waiting for our ‘meal’ the rich people had a 3 course meal and the middle class had an average meal. This really put things into perspective and turned the tables. It made us feel frustration over having hardly any food whilst others were having plenty of food. To finish off the night we had to create a small presentation in our family groups on things that have a role in poverty.

To conclude everyone felt the gratitude that we should show on a daily basis because of the luxuries we have and how lucky we are to get the food that is put on our plate.

Harris - Taylors Lakes and Emily - Red Cliffs SC




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Term 3 - Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Yesterday the cooking committee organized and ran a fabulous full day mad hatters tea party! We got everybody dressed up in bright, colourful clothes and hats, the food was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. We had cookies and watermelon for afternoon tea, nachos for lunch, rocky road and fairy bread (in the shape of hats!) for afternoon tea and for dinner we had sausage rolls. The committee also decorated the common room to make it look fantastical, to make it really mad there was a vegetable bake covered in cornflakes with dinner - instant success.

There was a group of students who went op-shopping in their lovely outfits and then a group who went surfing in the afternoon. And those who stayed back in the afternoon watched Shrek or took advantage of the wonderful weather and frolicked outside in the sun!

(We hope) Everybody had a marvelous time at our phantasmagorical all day mad hatters tea party.    

By Callum- Irymple SC and Sarah G- Williamstown




Sarah and Jackson lead the way on LLP Day Print E-mail

Term 3 - LLP Day

On Wednesday we had LLP day. This is where twenty-one grade six students came to Snowy from Orbost Primary School. It was a very interactive day with five different rotations in three different groups.

The activities that we had were Indigenous games/culture, camping, marine life, snakes, wombats, sea shells, step back in time and that just names a few. The children loved the different classes. All the students at Snowy embraced the children and made them feel a part of the community overall it was one of our highlights of the term.

Jackson - Hoppers Crossing and Sarah W - Irymple

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