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Term 3 - Canoeing

I had a whole lot of fun yesterday. First, we learnt the safety and how to put on our pdf (personal floating devise) then once Mr. Johnson was on the water it was fine for myself and our expo team to get on the water along with Bailey.  We learnt a few strokes and how to raft up, and then we went for a relaxing cruse down the river. We came across a tree fallen over and we ducked under whilst in the canoes and that was great. We came across another tree that wasn’t as great but Bailey got under, then Faith and I. In the mean while Aimee and Maddison capsized and fell in the water. Due to them being wet we all decided it was best to go back to where we first started off so we went under the trees again.  By now it was time for Faith and me to capsize. We put our hands up because we thought it would be fun and we would be okay, but the time came when we ended up in the water shivering and I lost a water shoe. But it all turned out okay because Faith and I got ‘rescued’ by our team and then we paddled back quickly, got warm, stood in the sun and changed. It was a very good day and our team worked well with every part of the canoe experience. I can’t wait to see what happens at expo when we all go canoeing, let’s just hope no one falls in or capsizes their canoe along with their partner.

Tahlia- Weeroona




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Yesterday we had beliefs and values class which I thoroughly enjoyed. We sat in a circle and discussed our beliefs and values. We got to understand that people may have different opinions and that is okay as everyone has the right for free speech. We started our discussion by using deep speech cards which have very broad and important questions like: If you could change something in this world what would it be? What is the main problem in our society? What’s the most important thing in life? Etc.

Being able to freely speak and discuss our opinions was a very engaging and valuable lesson, it is definitely my favourite class so far. I got to share my opinions and views and I was quite happy that most of us had the same views especially socially. Referring to Jane Rowe’s talk I am too excited for how our generation will try and fix what’s wrong with the world as most of us have that one vision. Also I know during the class some other students had never thought about these questions thus not having opinions. They all said that this class was an eye opener and made them think about these important questions. We would never do this at our schools at home which is a real shame. I think that learning with a discussion is more effective that being presented too as we get involved in the class.

By Lexi

We had finally gotten the chance to showcase our skills in the CPR Exam. I was just a little bit nervous because I thought that we had to do an actual multiple choice question test. But instead we were put in situations relating to the booklet we were given and had to react on the dummy to see if we did everything as the booklet said and also do 5 cycles of 30 compressions and 2 breaths in 2 minutes. I did really well and our entire expo group completed it.

We also had our first LLP class. My group is Courtney, Lexi, Tiana and I. We plan to do a Bushdancing session with the 21 year 6’s that are coming to Snowy River and educate them on how Bushdancing came about and also how to Bushdance. I really look forward to or official LLP day and I hope it all works out.

By Chris

Lexi, Williamstown High & Christopher, Copperfield College




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Term 3 - Spirit Spot

Every Saturday the whole campus community goes to Sprit Spot, which is located on the beach. We get to write and reflect on how our week has been or write a letter home to parents. Unfortunately Bailey is unable to go to Sprit Spot because of the recent surgery he has had on his knee.   Spirt Spot is a small walk from the school’s campus; it is overlooking a great view of the ocean. We sit on sand dunes not far from the beach and have an endless view of water; we get to take in our surroundings. We get to go to Sprit Spot as the sun is setting and it is a very beautiful view and quite often you might get to see a whale.  This is a great end to a rest day because of the magnificent view just to top it off.

By Bailey - Red Cliffs SC and Ellie - Irymple SC




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Term 3 - Marvellous Journey - Surfing

WOW, what a journey the last 2 weeks have been. We have done so much as a community and bonded so well with one another. We’re all getting along really well and treating each other with the ten traits of a healthy community that we all decided on.

I’m loving it here so much!! The people are so kind, caring and respectful. I feel like I’m at home and it hasn’t even been a fortnight yet. The activities here at Snowy are very informative and fun, they are developing me into a better person. I really enjoyed being Student Leader on the 29th of July, I got a lot of positive feedback from it that was really great, helpful, kind and supportive. Everybody is getting along as if we’ve known each other for a lot longer than what we really have and the expo groups are awesome!

The past 24hrs has most definitely been my favourite. Starting with last night’s Bush-dancing, which I’m pretty sure I can speak on the behalf of all the students here, when I say I had an absolute ball! The whole class was spent smiling, laughing and changing partners as we joyfully danced together in our fashionable flannelettes and country attire.

This morning I had my first surfing lesson and let me tell you now, it was amazing! Allow me to share a short story called ‘The All-Mighty Wave of Glee!’

So there I am, paddling out in an endless sea of beautiful blue, the sound of waves crashing left, right and center, the scent and taste of salt. Then I see a mighty wave brewing out in the distance, straight away I know it’ll be mine so I spin my board around and I see it rising behind me as I start paddling back towards shore. I feel it pick me up as it breaks so I paddle twice more before pulling my hands in to my ribs, next I hop up and pull my feet in between my hands. Before I know it, I’m standing up, instinctively in a Taekwondo ‘L stance’ with my hands out keeping me balanced, I’m focused on the sand ahead of me in the direction I want to go. I’m riding it in and I hear one of our instructors say, “look at this one go” referring to me. Funniest thing ever! You should have seen the grin on my face!

Bring on the next 8 weeks!!

By Tiana (Red Cliffs)




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Term 3 - Surf Session

On the 31st of July my expo group went out surfing. Our first lesson for the term. A lot of our group had never tried it so it was all a new experience for most kids.

One of the first things we learnt how to do was how to ride a wave in and how to keep the board in control.  I managed to get myself caught in a small rip but needed help getting out of it. We then learnt how to stand on a board. By the end of the session we had a few successful people getting to their feet. Finding the right time and reading the waves was a bit of a challenge. It was all about timing and finding what was comfortable for you. One thing I struggled with was the salt water trying not to take in too much. By the end of the session a lot people were tired. Overall experience of surfing for the first time was an amazing experience and I would recommend trying it. I thank all the staff and a big thank you to the surf instructors for taking us for the first lesson and looking forward to the next three sessions. What a great day.

by Bethany- Irymple SC

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