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Term 3 - We went canoeing

Yesterday we went canoeing. It was a beautiful, bright sunny day with great scenery. We learnt how to steer, control and capsize a canoe. The Yeerung (where we canoed) was pretty and calm. At the end of the Yeerung River the water was a deep red that was said to be from then tea trees. We went canoeing right down to the mouth of the river were we had lunch and played a game of beach soccer. We then got back to the canoes and with the birds singing in the trees we raced back to where we started. Later on we had the best part of the day, where we had to capsize. Capsizing is when we flip the canoe over and fall into freezing cold water. It was funny to see everybody go in because they would all scream at the top of their lungs as the icy water engulfs them. The water was so cold it took your breath away. It was great.

Latter on we returned to camp and packed all our gear.

This was one of the best activities we have done during our time at Snowy and we look forward to going canoeing again.

Liana- Copperfield and Griffin- Williamstown




Local Learning Project Ideas Print E-mail

Today everyone completed their first LLP lesson (local learning project), it’s about teaching the local primary kids something about the local environment for when the grade 6’s come to our school and break up into groups and rotate to our groups. Some LLP ideas that people had were snake bite role playing game, nature art, camping and animals. For the snake bite one people will be doing role plays as if they have been bitten by snakes, for the nature art LLP they will get the younger kids to create art from twigs and leaves and the aim is to teach kids that you can make art out of nature, it’s not all about pencils, paper and paint. The aim of the LLP is to give the kids experience at teaching other people and handling younger kids.

Snowy River Campus Student, Term 3 2015




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Term 3 - Canoeing with 1B

On the 11th of August, 1B went out canoeing along the Yeerung River. Majority of the group had had some sort of experience at canoeing, but there were still a few that had a lack of knowledge. With help from the others, we were all able to successfully paddle along the all the way to the mouth of the river, but only after being taught a few major skills. Although challenging the whole team was able to get through it and enjoy the day. We all kept a positive attitude even when it got tough and kept giving it a go. 1B kept supporting and encouraging each other which showed how much good teamwork we have.

We ended the day with capsizing. Everyone had a go, and although some enjoyed it more than others, due to how cold the water was, we all now understand what to do if we were put in that situation.

By Lachie-Irymple and Dunya-Copperfield




Theatre Sports with Darren McCubbin Print E-mail

On Sunday night SRC had a guest speaker come and talk to us about beliefs and values. His name was Darren McCubbin. He went through a range of philosophy questions and stories to enable us as a group to debate and somewhat argue to display what we truly believed in. Later that night he had organized and event evening full of a range of ‘theatre sports’. This was an enjoyable night because it let everybody contribute and get out of their comfort zone. The whole community laughed and was excited about the night and when the night had unfortunatlye come to an end, a few students were congratulated for their awesome acting skills. Overall it was a great night and everyone had fun.

By Sarah -Irymple SC and Dunya-Copperfield College




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Today and last Thursday, Core 1 boys and Core 2 girls had an Intro to CPR. This involved learning what to do in a situation where someone is unconscious, struggling to breathe, choking, not breathing at all and how to help someone who’s suspected of drowning. We went through this checklist of components on CPR which abbreviated to DRSABCD. (Danger, Response, Send for help, Airways, Breathing, CPR, and Defibrillation). We performed these actions on CPR dolls and went through some methods on what to do if the doll was a real person and was choking, unconscious or had been suspected of being drowned.

We are being assessed on this for an exam within the week and if we pass the exam, we get a certificate for First Aid. This is really helpful for the future in case someone is put into a situation where they are in potential danger of dying and we could help save them. This will also allow us to apply this to our resume for applications that will open a wide range of opportunities and more jobs in the future. Both of us have learnt a lot from this experience and will use it in the future.  

Liam-Red Cliffs and Lexa- Taylors Lakes

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