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Today I had the half day bike ride. It was a rather tiring and fun experience where we went to Marlo and back in 16km. I thought I was going to hate it but it turned out to be super great and I bonded with some of my team while riding.

While being a student leader I was letting the power of control take over me a bit and I bossed people around a bit which I didn’t want to do that day. The first time was a student leader I was a little more confident and not as straight forward with the community but this time I was slightly more straight forward and a little less confident when I talked to the whole group. I successful completed my goal for the day by being nice and complimenting everyone which I was very proud of because usually I can be slightly rude and not give many compliments to people who deserve them.

By Bethany- St Albans




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1Amazing Expo

Last Monday 1Amazing went on our first expo! We all set off about nine o’clock, excited and ready to get going. The packs were huge, but no one complained, and we all supported each other along the beach, the wind whipping the sand against our legs. At one point the tide came in so far that we could no longer go along the beach – so we had to climb a dune. We all hauled each other up and continued down to the beach, finding many odd little things along the way.

On day two we rose early and headed back along the power pole track in the hot weather. We saw two snakes along the way, laying on the track, and not moving until we came close. We walked about 6km the next day, and cheered as we got back to our starting point – we had completed our first expo!
Everyone worked really well as a team for our fist expo, and all stepped up to the challenges offered. It proved just how well we could work together and brought us all closer together as a group. #1amazing

Erin – Portland Secondary College




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Hello, I'm Bailey and this is Rhiannon. We were the student leaders yesterday and would like to inform you about the activities we had to do all day. Firstly we had to fill in the student leader book. Then we had to talk to everyone and tell them what we wrote in the book, and then send them off to class. The next time we had to be student leader was when it was time for lunch, which was sending them up to get their food. Then after that we had to send them off to yet another class. Then it was dinner the next time, and we basically just did what we did with the lunch part. Then we had to also send them off the night class, which was sending core 1 off to food for thought, and 2a to their rooms/ study rooms for passport, and 2b off to personal prep. Before DEARR, we played a game of texta tag, and we chose the people who just came back from expo. We chose them so they could have a nice calm relaxing re-entrance into the campus. The day over all was really fun, even though half the time, they weren’t even listening.

Bailey - North Geelong & Rhiannon - Derrinallum




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Bush Dance

Last night was Bush Dance Night. We all crowded into the common room, me in my overalls and flannel shirt, and awaited our instructions. Ms Beck got some eager volunteers to show us the steps to some good ol’ country dancing. The steps did seem simple enough when the demonstrators did it, but we soon found out that it was not as easy as it looked. Brimming with enthusiasm, we all linked arms with our partners and attempted to copy the dancing… minor chaos ensued. A lot of people left the night nursing broken toes but laughing as we remembered all of us uniting to do the Macarena at the end of the night. It was so much fun, we all agreed, and created memories I am sure we will remember for a long time to come.

Rose- Oberon HS




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Amazing Expo

I have just gotten back from expo and I have to say I was of the great experiences of my life. I walked about 8 kilometres a day for two days, had the scale a wall of sand and had to sleep in a small tent with three people. But it was so amazing to be doing it with the people I now consider family. Before expo the team bickered and argued while doing small activities but at expo everyone had their roles and everyone knew what they had to do so we just clicked as a team. We gave each other space when needed and supported them when they needed. Many people were pushed to their limits both physically and mentally, all they wanted to do was give up but they kept going strong. I believe I have gotten closer with the boys from Portland, sharing a tent and hearing about what each other have been through and our own separate experiences just opened up the relationship immensely. I am so happy to be facing the rest of the experience with a group like this and I can't wait for the next expo.

Dylan- Victoria University

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