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Once upon a time, there was a group of students called 2B (or not 2B… That is the question…). They set off on a wild adventure into the unknown. They were the only bunch of students around all day because everyone else was off on wild adventures off campus. They saved each other’s lives multiple times, although a couple of people died! They got covered in paint and lost some limbs, but were a-okay in the end. There was an insane hysterical girl running around and screaming with burns down her legs scaring everyone (totally NOT Maggie…), a headless guy in the veggie patch (could’ve been Aiden…), someone vomiting up Weetbix (definitely not Brad…), an adorable toddler who burnt their hands (Eddie was adorable), a suspected spinal injury patient who got moved (Grace died from that), and a certain someone (Eddie) who forgot to put handle bars and a seat on a bike then rode it off a cliff (it was pretty nasty in the glutinous maximus).

They had lunch at one table only with the amazing cooks who we adore (and the teachers too I guess…) and ate almost two tubs of spaghetti between the 10 of them. They all helped out with clean up then went on to pursue their CLP’s. Half of them talked to a flooded school while the other half worked on the master plan (to take over THE WORLD) and Libby made not one, but TWO phone calls to move their group forwards.

That night the FABULOUS student leaders (Maggie and Brad) dress-up in the fanciest of clothes (Hulk shorts, florescent shirt, purple tux and green tie) and waltz the stage to host Minute to Win It! They had ping pong balls and Weetbix flying everywhere and for some reason Jackson was really good at bouncing ping pong balls into a bucket on his head (they wanted a drug test). Group 4 were the overall winners after a gruelling tie-breaker with Group 2 that was trickier than it looked.

Fabulous Leaders

-By Maggie (Mount Clear College) and Brad (Koo We Rup Secondary College)