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The day that Pat and I were student leaders we had expo preparation, so we couldn’t do our blog the following day so we decided we would write about our expo.

Expo was awesome fun, with great weather and a few morning drizzles and we had a tail wind most of the canoeing part. The mood was up and we were all happy to be on expo with great weather compared to our first expo where we had 118mls of rain for that day and night. As we set out on our journey through the whale watching track we were all singing away to our previous expo songs that we had made.

We met 1A at the blue hole after walking on the beach and we were relieved to see familiar faces and get our packs off ready to go canoeing. Though we faced challenging head winds we reached camp quite early and managed to set up before dark. Miss Moore took us down to the beach for a game of fox holes which was sandy but fun in every way. We had a great dinner of pasta before huddling around the fire, sharing stories and doing our review for the day. The night was quiet and 3 of the boys were out at 5.30 to go fishing which one was Pat.

Getting on the water to go canoeing for the day was very exciting and the weather was nice again. Canoeing down the Snowy River onto the Broddrib River was quite exciting and with all the songs we sang made the day go really well. We made great time during the day arriving at the camp early in time for lunch that day, the teachers said that we were there extremely early compared to other times. We played a game after lunch which was forty-forty and went down to the river to go fishing and Jono and Pat went for a swim. Our day was really good and that night after all of us had carbonara for tea and we went and sat around the fire and had more stories and review.

Our last day on expo was an early rise and we got up at 5.30 that morning to hit the water at 7 am that morning although we were running late we still made good time. Starting the hike for the rest of the day was really good and we managed to make great time again on our walk up mount Raymond. The climb may have been hard but it was definitely worthwhile after seeing the views from the top. After a yummy lunch of wraps and cruskits we headed down to the car park and got the bus back to campus with Mr Reeves driving us the way back. Expo for us for was just amazing with such good weather and many songs being sung thanks to Amelia-Rose for the new song making. Expo was so much FUN and we all enjoyed it.

Pat and I did something different for our student leader morning, we did a rhyme for the things that needed to be read out in the morning so we both decided to include it in our blog.

Community vibe is still lively and fun
Even though we’re missing everyone
Linen changes was really good
People made their beds as they should
We need to respect
The things we get
Or else we’ll lose
The things we‘ll abuse
The guys wing is awesome
Just don’t sleep in a foursome
The bathrooms are great
Just don’t take showers too late
The girls are good mates
But goodnights are too late
Focus more in CLP
And progress you will surely find
If in passport you always use your time
How was water watch 2A?
Is there anything you would like to say?
Today 2B has the enviro bike ride
2A had passport 6 and CLP five
1A’s expo is going nicely
Although everything is getting icy
1B’s got expo preparation
So get ready guys for our separation
Tomorrow 1A may be coming back
However 1B are putting on their packs
2A has enviro bike ride and lunches to be made
2B has peer 2 and then first aid
On duty Mr Adams
And Miss Beck
Overnight is Mrs Francis
We can’t rhyme so heck
The winds are N-NW 20km
UV is 3 between 11 and 1.20pm
Temperatures range from 16 to 9
So I’m sure people on expo will be just fine
No past students have contacted us
So I guess they must be in a rush
The quote of the day we can’t rhyme so we will just have to say
A leader is someone who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way
1B, go to the meeting room
CLP, just stay in the common room
2B go to the south courtyard
Is it really that hard seriously?

Alicia - Boort District School and Pat - Balwyn High

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