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The Adventures of Tara and Jacqui Print E-mail

On Tuesday the 23rd of October, Tara and Jacqui were put to the test and became Student Leaders for the day.

It was 6:30 on Tuesday the 23rd of October when Tara and Jacqui were awoken to the slamming of doors and the starting of showers. It was going to be a big day as it was time for them to step up to the plate and become Student Leaders for the day at the Snowy River School for Student Leadership.

Breakfast was the usual bright, happy place with all the student looking like zombies and saying they could do with an extra 4 hours sleep! The duty group was pumped to get into the dishes and group 1A were so excited to get going on their 15 km hike. Things couldn’t be better!

As 9:00 approached, Tara and Jacqui set their goals and did their leadership duties before rounding everyone up for class.

Tara and Jacqui both had Beliefs and Values in the morning. This included realising what our beliefs and values were and why we believed those things whether it was because of family, friends, religion or culture. We wrote down out top 5 beliefs and we worked out which values matched with these beliefs. Both Jacqui and Tara found this class very worthwhile and they really enjoyed working out what influenced their beliefs and values.

In the afternoon, Tara and Jacqui had CLP (Community Learning Project) this included creating our project for the community. Jacqui and Tara are both in different CLP groups; Jacqui is in the Warragul Regional College CLP group and Tara’s is Chaffey Secondary College CLP group. Warragul are planning to do a health living day at one of the local primary schools and Chaffey are planning to read to ill children at a local hospital. Although Chaffey where a little distracted they still go their work done but Warragul were on task the whole time.

Being student leaders for the day was a great challenge for Tara and Jacqui but it was also a great experience and a lot of leadership skills were learnt that will benefit them for the future and they can’t wait to have the chance to once again be student leaders.

Tara and Jacqui from 2A

Adventures of Jacqui and Tara



Hope and Hayden Print E-mail
By Hope and Hayden

Today we had Intro to LLP which was pretty good, gave us a chance to work in teams with people we don’t usually work with. Hayden worked with Lachlan M and Lachlan R and our topic was ‘Bikes’. Hope worked with Chelsey, Tara, and Zoe and their topic was ‘Dolphins’.

Doing LLP will teach us some leadership skills and teamwork skills which will help us in the future, we are really interested in LLP day, it should be good fun working with the Marlo primary school kids. We were both a bit shocked when Mr Gladstone said that the whole school was coming, but then when he said that there were only 27 students, and we both felt better after he said it.

After lunch, we had the half day bike ride, which was really good, our team was really supportive throughout the whole ride, which was good because our team sometimes isn’t too supportive, so it was a good change. About half way through the way up, we saw a really big black snake crossing the road, so we stopped for a bit until it left, then we started again. Today was a lot of fun.

By Hope - Chaffey SC and Hayden - Warragul Regional College




Lucca and Stacey - Student Leaders Print E-mail

Lucca: Yesterday I was student leader, I really enjoyed this experience although it meant I had to eat last, with was the worst thing that has happened to me while I have been here! It was my second time being student leader and I do like it. The people here are really nice and friendly; I already dread having to go home in 5 weeks. Being student leader is a great chance to develop your leadership and public speaking skills. My favourite thing during the day was explaining to the community about relationships and touching other students. They had a good laugh and it was quite funny. At the end of my nine weeks here I think it will be very very hard to leave and I don’t want to. I think more people should go to camps like Snowy and have the experiences that I have because I love it here and I think they would to!!!

Stacey: Yesterday I was student leader and it was great! I had the chance to develop my leadership skills by having to stand up in front of the community. As student leader Lucca and myself had to read out an interesting fact about where we’re from and read out the days program. I found it easy and simple. I hope the experiences here get even better as time progresses.

Lucca- Elwood College and Stacey-Wanganui Park SC




Ash and Brayden - Student Leaders Print E-mail

Ash and Brayden's day as student leaders

Yesterday was definitely a fab day because my group 2B had Beliefs and Values then we worked on our passports.

It was one of those days when everyone got along really well and actually listened to each other and everyone contributed in class discussions. The class really made me think about all the things I believe in and all the things in my life that I should really value because so many people around the world aren’t as fortunate as I am.

During Passports everyone set off on their own and managed to do heaps of work and it was a really productive day...

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Chloe and Nathan Report in As Student Leaders Print E-mail

Today we had CLP 2 and Passport 3. CLP 2 involved nearing the completion of our Master Plan draft. We started getting in contact with people to help us with our project. However, the final draft is yet to be completed. In our Passport class we had to complete the next criteria ‘Working in Teams’.

Our passport is a document full of information about the things that we do here and what we learn about ourselves.

Nathan and Chloe on ExpoLast week our expo team completed the 14km journey to and from Dock Inlet. Our team worked extremely well together, encouraging everyone and helping out when it was needed. By working together as a team, meant that we made it back to the car park sooner than first thought, enabling us to have time for a swim before we headed back to campus. The pack up was very quick and efficient. Everyone got on with the job and got it done in a very short period of time.

Our expo team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new student from Bright. Even with a few disruptions to the team, we are all getting along and continuing to make lifelong friends and unforgettable memories!

Nathan - Bright P-12 and Chloe - Swan Hill College




Matt and Jakeb's Day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Yesterday we had Rest Day. All of the different people here had all different ideas of what they had in mind to do. Some went to play tennis and some just stayed here to sleep.

We were the student leaders for the day as well. It was difficult at first getting out in front of everyone to speak but the more we did it the more confident and the more relaxed we got.

After lunch most of us went to the beach but for the rest of us, we stayed here and listened to music and just hung out. When everyone from the beach got back, we decided to have a community game. We played 40-40 home. Everyone participated, had fun and enjoyed themselves. For some of us it brought us a little bit closer because we communicated to each other to discover where the players were whether they were "it" or not. Afterwards we had DEARR. Then after DEARR and dinner we had the evening class and we watched a film called “Freedom Ride”. It was a film about Charlie Perkins and how he revolutionised the entire view of the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Matt - Chaffey SC and Jakeb - Elwood College




Chelsea and Dean's Day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Chelsea and Dean's Day as Student LeadersYesterday Dean and I both had Intro to ILP and CLP. We both thought that Intro to ILP was a bit hard but setting our goals was worth it to see if we can accomplish what we set our minds to. The video we watched on teenage influenza was really interesting and got us inspired to write our goals. It makes us realise how lucky we are and that the things we complain about are so little.

Intro to CLP for Dean was really interesting to see what people's different opinions on how to change and better the community are. His team did not come up with a community learning project yet but they did a lot of brain storming and came up with a lot of ideas.

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Abbey and Lochie's Day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Yesterday Lochie and I were student leaders. It was good to get a chance to stand in front of a crowd of people you barely know. We completed our safe food handlers’ certificate and my group decided we were going to create a song. We wrote a song about processed cheese, freezers and cross contamination in food handling. I was then chosen to sing it in front of the group which was really nerve racking. But I was happy after it and it also was a part of my goal which was to speak louder in front of people and be more confident.

Abbey - Wanganui Park SC

Yesterday Abbey and I were student leaders. For the whole day we had a food handlers’ course which I had already done. So I was supposed to finish off the first section of my passport but since I had finished that as well I relaxed all day and decided to just draw because I was so bored hahaha.

Lochie - Wanganui Park SC




13 Days Ago ... Print E-mail

13 days ago, 42 students made their long or short journeys to the SSL.
Their parents said their sad goodbyes but the students didn’t really dwell.
They settled into their rooms with their roomies that they hoped didn’t smell.

We had class every day and the teachers are good throughout,
So we were all pretty much all dead by lights out.
We had debates with Darren McCubbin,
about things that we didn’t know about.

We have all made so many friends,
I bet we will all be horribly sad when it ends.
Here we can’t keep up with any of the newest trends.

On day twelve in was my turn to stand up,
I was student leader and made sure everyone would turn up,
Everyone was so happy that we could have milo in our cup.

I was confident and stood up tall,
With Georgia, I would not fall,
In the morning the boys went and played football.

All the food really makes us drool,
If you miss the seconds you feel like a fool.
The only thing this place doesn’t have is a pool.

But we all just love the beach,
Which Ranger Pete was really good in his speech.
We all headed off to bed,
The teachers came in and then we read.
We cuddle up and rested our head,
Wishing we all had our big ted.

So tomorrow we could do it all again

Jemma - Manangatang P-12 College




SRC Journey Poem Print E-mail

Snowy River is really awesome, fun and cool
Despite what you may think, the food here makes us drool
There’s chooks, space, trees and laughs all around
It’s incredible to think of the friends we’ve already found
Amazing opportunities are ahead for us kids
We’re so busy we barely have time to close our eyelids
Surfing was great and I gave it a shot
There was this guy named Darren, he yelled a lot
Milo is the thing we most desire
If that was all gone we’d probably start a fire
The people here are so nice and funny
Bridge building made my nose all runny
We have learnt how to function well as a team
Trust is more important than it might seem
Mr. Brown likes to crack the odd joke
But most of the time they make us want to give him a poke
We have already begun to bond
Together we’ll reach the stars and beyond
Being student leader was lots of fun
It felt good to get all the jobs done
The time here is already started to fly
The thought of leaving makes we want to cry
Socks and thongs are the new trend
It saddens me to say that this is  the end

By Georgia - Echuca College

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