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Throughout the term a number of Parent Bulletins and Letters are made available to Parents in the form of letters that provide an insight into the School for Student Leadership program.

Parents of Term 3 Students 2019 will receive several letters throughout the coming term.

During the course of the next nine weeks, we shall be using uEducateUs to communicate with you a number of times. You will receive uEducateUs communications via the uEducateUs app or email. You can download the uEducateUs app at Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone.


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    3rd Letter Home - 15 August 2019

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    Third Letter Home from the Snowy River Campus - 15 August 2019

    Hello again from the community of the Snowy River Campus! We are still flat out here and going strong.

    By the time you read this, the first expedition groups have headed-out and returned. They have bushwalked along the nearby coastal bluffs of Cape Conran camping out at the beautiful Dock Inlet, putting into practice all the skills learned in their expedition preparation sessions. The students were well prepared and so full of excitement, apprehension, “coolness” and worry, all mixed into one! I know, however, that what they will learn through their undertaking will put them in great stead. One of the concepts we use in designing our type of education experience is to move from the known to the unknown. In moving to, and living at, the Snowy River Campus, students initially are in a much unknown environment (socially, physically, emotionally, geographically and so on), which they soon become comfortable and familiar with. I am sure this is conveyed in correspondence, and will be obvious at the visiting weekend. The expeditions are another move from known to unknown, from the known existence of the Snowy River Campus into the wild coastal environment and with lightweight tents. The next expedition will be largely canoe-based on the wonderful estuarine environment. The challenges are new and different to the first expedition. It is a very deliberate part of the process of learning both leadership skills and to be enterprising.

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    2nd Letter Home - 1 August 2019

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    Settled in and travelling well - Second Letter Home - 1 August 2019

    Welcome again to the Snowy River Campus. Here we are after more than a week already. Time has flown by and I am pleased with how things are progressing at our school.

    Homesickness is a normal emotion at this time in the program, although it does tend to diminish. If you think that your son or daughter is still unreasonably homesick, do call us and we can compare notes, so to speak. None of us can really predict how this anxiety may manifest itself. Our staff members really do make a priority of ensuring students’ wellbeing during these first, more unsettled weeks; they will give you a normal call in the next week. How are you coping with being “son or daughter sick”?

    We have lots of experience from eighteen years at the Alpine School at Dinner Plain and our 12 years’ experience here. This helps us understand about students in schools like this one. We normally see in our students in their first week of living here being very concerned with self. They often ask, “When is dinner? Or “Where do I wash my clothes?” On the inside, we feel students are asking, “Who are my friends and how do I fit? Does she like me or what does he think about me?” They are concerned about “me”. This is a very egocentric period. After this normal and possibly “selfish” time, students find themselves comfortable with this day-to-day concern, and tend to identify with their team very strongly: “I belong to ‘Irymple College’ or ‘Reservoir College’, or “I am a country/city person”. Students tend to be placing themselves in a category so they can find their position in a “new social/school order”. They tend to cluster with familiar friends.

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    Arrival Day! First Letter Home - 21 July 2019

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    Arrival Day at the Snowy River Campus!

    Sunday July 21 2019
    A Snapshot of Letter 1 ...

    Welcome to the community of the Snowy River Campus for our Term 3 NINE week SSL program.

    During the course of the next nine weeks, we shall be using uEducateUs to communicate with you a number of times. You will receive uEducateUs communications via the uEducateUs app or email. You can download the uEducateUs app at Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store for iPhone. The content of the communications is to assist you with your side of the Snowy River experience. The information will not necessarily deal with individuals and their achievements, but more about the living and learning process all students will be undertaking. We want to provide you with some early reminders and information for your arrival day and to perhaps help you on your return and continued journey. We hope to post images on Facebook from time-to-time as well.

    The first and primary contact for the care and welfare of your son/daughter will be the Snowy River Campus liaison teacher. He or she will introduce themselves to you today and also go through the enrolment details. Later in the week, he or she will contact you via uEducateUs or phone to share how your son/daughter is coping in their new environment. Moreover, in every instance (be it to do with communication from staff or your child), no news is good news!


    Students are involved in a number of important processes this term; discovering their learning preferences, expeditions, working with a local primary, hosting a range of guests, setting goals, developing a digital learning portfolio through Sway and a Presentation of Learning (POL).

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