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Parent Letters & Bulletins


Throughout the term a number of Parent Bulletins and Letters are made available to Parents in the form of letters that provide an insight into the School for Student Leadership program.

Parents of Term 3 Students 2018 will receive several letters throughout the coming term.


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    5th Letter Home - 17 September 2018

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    "Parenting teenagers is a bit like whitewater rafting - but I want you to have both sides of the picture. Scary, hectic, and uncomfortable - yes; but also thrilling, stimulating, challenging and ultimately very rewarding”.
    - Ian Grant.


    Final letter home to Parents of Snowy River Campus Students Term 3,
    - 17 September 2018

    Letter Snapshot...

    Hello again and for the last time this term.

    There are still many important tasks for us all to attend to, and I welcome the greater independence and personal drive I witness in our students, your sons and daughters. It is a delight to work with young people in our environment and see them “doing”! They just get on with the job now, for the most part, and set their goals and review their outcomes. They are finalizing their CLP work for when they return home, and the presentation day, when Principals, Council Presidents, representatives from the Department of Education and other key local stakeholders were here, was a triumph. I hope you can all cope with these skills and abilities upon their return, and that your sons and daughters use these skills appropriately?


    Thank you for contributing to the Term 3 Snowy River Campus for 2018. The “Separation Phase” of the Snowy River Campus Experience concludes for the community of Term 3, 2018 on Saturday 22 September, signalling the beginning of the “Reintegration Phase”!

    Pre departure ceremony on Departure Day: SATURDAY 22 SEPTEMBER

    Join us for our pre departure ceremony on departure day and delight in their physical, emotional and personal growth over the last 9 weeks. Every student will have a significant and important opportunity to share in front of you and all the other parents/guardians. The ceremony starts at 9.30am sharp so please do not be late. Arrive between 9.00 and 9.30am so that you can give your child a welcoming hug and have a bit of a reunion before the ceremony begins so that they can focus on their presentation.

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    4th Letter Home - 5 September 2018

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    Fourth Letter Home to Parents - Wednesday 5 September 2018

    Hello again! I trust you all enjoyed your Visiting Weekend. I have heard the usual (for us) mixed reports from your sons and daughters about the week, but more good than otherwise, which is totally normal! Some said, “It was great to see mum and dad, but I couldn’t wait to get back “HOME…!”And the home they refer to is ....sorry to say this…here. You need to be assured that the time of real settlement at Snowy is now happening for your son or daughter. Paradoxically, the time of departure is also fast approaching. I am sure you will notice the difference in your son or daughter between the recent visit and the conclusion on Saturday 22 September 2018.

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    3rd Letter Home - 17 August 2018

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    Third Letter Home - 17 August 2018

    Hello again from the community of the Snowy River Campus!

    Hello again from the community of the Snowy River Campus! We are still flat out here and going strong. By the time you read this, the first expedition groups have headed-out and returned. They have bushwalked along the nearby coastal bluffs of Cape Conran camping out at the beautiful Banksia Bluff, putting into practice all the skills learned in their expedition preparation sessions. The students were well prepared and so full of excitement, apprehension, “coolness” and worry, all mixed into one! I know, however, that what they will learn through their undertaking will put them in great stead. One of the concepts we use in designing our type of education experience is to move from the known to the unknown. In moving to, and living at, the Snowy River Campus, students initially are in a much unknown environment (socially, physically, emotionally, geographically and so on), which they soon become comfortable and familiar with. I am sure this is conveyed in correspondence, and will be obvious at the visiting weekend. The expeditions are another move from known to unknown, from the known existence of the Snowy River Campus into the wild coastal environment and with lightweight tents. The next expedition will be largely canoe-based on the wonderful estuarine environment. The challenges are new and different to the first expedition. It is a very deliberate part of the process of learning both leadership skills and to be enterprising.



    The Visiting Weekend is rapidly approaching. You may pick up your son/ daughter at 9.00am, Saturday 25 August and return them no later than 4.00pm Sunday 26 August.
    If you need to drop your child off earlier than midday on the Sunday please inform the campus and we will make the necessary arrangements. Remember this weekend is about spending quality time with your son or daughter, enjoying their company and encouraging them to share their experiences thus far. We strongly recommend only immediate family members be a part of this reunion.

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    Arrival Day, First letter home, Term 3 2018

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    Arrival Day at the Snowy River Campus!

    Sunday July 22 2018
    A Snapshot of Letter 1 ...

    Welcome to the community of the Snowy River Campus for our Term 3 9 week program. SSL program.

    During the course of the next 9 weeks we shall be emailing you a number of times. These emails will also be posted on our website and a student blog will be enabled for you to see and read about current and daily events. The content of the communications is to assist you with your side of the Snowy River Campus Experience. The emails will not necessarily deal with individuals and their achievements, but more about the living and learning process all students will be undertaking. We want to provide you with some early reminders and information for your arrival day and to perhaps help you on your return and continued journey. We hope to post images on Facebook from time-to-time as well.


    Students are involved in a number of important processes this term; discovering their learning preferences, expeditions, working with a local primary school, hosting a range of guests, developing an Individual Learning Plan, developing a personal passport of their learning, presentation of their learning (POL) and ultimately a Community Learning Project presentation afternoon for important school and community leaders.

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