Kelby Reports on Her Day Print

Today was a good day because group 2 came back from expo so we had some people to talk to. In the morning we did this really frustrating thing called Zooley where we had to do heaps of problem solving. Then we did a test that told us our best attributes. After the other group came back and we had ice cream cake for Kiana’s birthday it was pretty good. Then we jumped in the busses and went down to the mouth of the Snowy and had a swim. On the walk back across the beach there was a small snake sitting on the sand curled up. After we got back to campus we had dinner and did duties. I had no duties except for chooks, Jay and I did the chooks so we had to get them all back in their beds and lock them up we couldn’t get the eggs because all the nest boxes had chooks on them. Anyway we had a bit of free time and now where doing Dearr.

Kelby - Mallacoota