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Group 1 is back today!

I had a really good sleep last night. I woke up, rolled out of bed and checked my clock. I slept so well that I actually overslept by an hour and only had five minutes left before breakfast was over. I quickly had brekkie before I realised I was also school leader today. This morning was full of surprises.

Today we had an inside day (which was good because it is pouring down now). Our morning class was Zooley and Via Values. Zooley is a game where there are weird shapes in boxes and you need to work out things like which box, rectangle or circle (the animals) is in which square (cage). The questions got pretty difficult (like a question which asked what the surname of the baby Mrs Elephant will bore) however my group got every question right.

After that half we did Via Values. We went into the meeting room and watched 2 very inspirational videos. The first video was talking about different strengths people have (like kindness, love and creativity). It was quite a powerful video. My favourite line off it was:

“Thoughts will become words. Words will become actions. Actions will become habits. Habits will become your character. Your character will become your destiny.”

I thought this was quite powerful because my mum is always telling me that the way I talk will become my character. I always thought that words can’t change who I am.

The second video was of Steve Jobs giving a speech at a university graduation. He talked about three different events that define who he is. His three moments were:

  • When he dropped out of college
  • When he got fired from Apple
  • And when he got pancreas cancer

He was very inspirational when he was talking about having faith about where life will take you. He talked about how you will not be able to connect the dots when looking forward in life, but looking backward. I thought it was pretty cool.

 After that class we went onto Peer Skills 2&3. We talked about the way we deal with conflict. The lesson was pretty rushed and most of the class was being really noisy and distracting, but it was still an alright lesson. I think Mr Pfanner is a good teacher, just sometimes the class can be quite rowdy.

Josh - Bright P-12