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This morning we worked on our CLP’s and later in the day went to the beach to do an activity called Coasteering.

We spent our CLP class time completing our master plan and writing the script for our presentation. We’ve had to change our CLP idea to a portable mural for the school I re-did the action plan and organised the dates.

Halfway through the class I had to leave to run a parent information session for some of the kids attending the SSL in term 1 next year. Mr Morton asked Michael and I to help him with it as we were student leaders for the day. We were both a little nervous beforehand but it ran really smoothly. I quite enjoyed giving advice to them and reflecting on my time at SSL.

Shani's Student Leader Blog

For Coasteering I was in a group with Belle, Karys, and Michael. Coasteering is a form of orienteering but along the coast line. We had to climb over the rocks from west cape to East Cape. My group ended up taking the wrong track and going through a bush bike track instead of over the rocks. It was good to spend time with some different people and I quite enjoyed the activity.

Being student leader today I really noticed how I’d improved in my public speaking from last time. I hardly looked at the paper and always projected my voice.

Shani - Sandringham




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Today was a good day because group 2 came back from expo so we had some people to talk to. In the morning we did this really frustrating thing called Zooley where we had to do heaps of problem solving. Then we did a test that told us our best attributes. After the other group came back and we had ice cream cake for Kiana’s birthday it was pretty good. Then we jumped in the busses and went down to the mouth of the Snowy and had a swim. On the walk back across the beach there was a small snake sitting on the sand curled up. After we got back to campus we had dinner and did duties. I had no duties except for chooks, Jay and I did the chooks so we had to get them all back in their beds and lock them up we couldn’t get the eggs because all the nest boxes had chooks on them. Anyway we had a bit of free time and now where doing Dearr.

Kelby - Mallacoota




The Adventures of Archie Print E-mail

Today group two left for expo we wished them well on their journey. They are taking a different route because of the Snowy river is going into flood. Our first class was beliefs and values which I led with Chloe because we were both student leaders for the day, my goal for the day was working on my body language in presenting and I thought I did pretty well but there is still room to improve. After beliefs and values we had to work on our passports for the other half of the day, mine is coming along nicely but I need to get onto gathering evidence for my goals. After class we went to see the whale again which now stinks and did spirit spot in the dunes. We found out today that we weren’t going snorkelling tomorrow which is a bummer but hopefully we do something else fun instead.      

Today was a good day it was the first full day at campus without group two, things seemed quiet. There is so much room around the school with half the people here gone and I’m looking forward to their return to bring back that busy community feeling. Today we started off with our last master plan class we worked hard and now only need to put some finishing touches on it before it is done. My job was to do the project overview then put it all together. I am happy with the work I’ve done on it so far and think I can get it done by tonight. In this regard I think I have changed since the start of Snowy because I am no longer putting things off as much as I used to. The other thing we did today was water watch since we couldn’t go snorkelling because of shark warnings around the same area that we were meant to go on the beach. There are signs reading no swimming due to the 12 foot White Pointer spotted out there by Ranger Mike while he was taking his daughter down to see the whale. Water watch was fun anyway but I would have liked to see the shark. In water watch we learnt about the Snowy River and how to tell if water way is healthy by looking at bugs and other things.

Archie- Mallacoota P-12




Abbey's Ripper Day Print E-mail

Last night, group 1 did a bit of a swap in the timetable as we had pretty much done intro to bikes yesterday. It was decided, as both Miss Patterson and Mr Morton were both on duty, we would go down to East Cape Beach and learn a bit about life saving. (As group 2 are going on expo tomorrow, they stayed at campus and packed their packs.)

So in the morning we packed our bags and the trailer and headed down to East Cape. Once down there, we just talked about things like the different types of waves and beaches, as well as rips and how they occur. We then recognized on the beach where some of the rips were. We found a rip that is always there and that was right near all the rocks. The rip out there was quite strong pulling us to the left. We then found another rip further down the beach and we were able to recognize this by the foam that was on top of the water. We also learnt about how waves are formed from the wind, as well as the gravitational pull from the moon; if it was a full moon the waves would be bigger and if it was a new moon the waves would be smaller. Then we went through some hand signals that they use when they are on the beach. For example, if people need to come in or move a certain way, and signals used if they are out in the water, like needing more help or there is a foreign object. It was then time to go in the water, so from the help of Chloe and Emma we learnt how to save someone with a board then with a floatation device. Miss Patterson also taught us a way to save someone by using a rope. Then we paired up and had a practise of those skills. I was with Chloe and I was the first one to be rescued. It felt weird in a way but made me understand what it feels like, because whilst I was out there the water did move me a lot to the left. We then switched and I was the one to save her. I could not stop laughing because I had no clue what I was doing but eventually I did save her. After that we did a quick run swim run which I wasn’t keen to do but I was willing to have a go. I found it a bit hard to swim under the waves but I got there and did it. Before we got to leave we got to go for quick surf which was fun. I did find it hard once again to stand up but there is always next time. We then came back for lunch and worked more on our CLP. We got quite a bit done but as a good we do get a bit distracted so hopefully next CLP class we can knuckle down and get it all done.

Abbey (Frankston HS)

Abbey's Ripper Day




Josh's Day Print E-mail

Group 1 is back today!

I had a really good sleep last night. I woke up, rolled out of bed and checked my clock. I slept so well that I actually overslept by an hour and only had five minutes left before breakfast was over. I quickly had brekkie before I realised I was also school leader today. This morning was full of surprises.

Today we had an inside day (which was good because it is pouring down now). Our morning class was Zooley and Via Values. Zooley is a game where there are weird shapes in boxes and you need to work out things like which box, rectangle or circle (the animals) is in which square (cage). The questions got pretty difficult (like a question which asked what the surname of the baby Mrs Elephant will bore) however my group got every question right.

After that half we did Via Values. We went into the meeting room and watched 2 very inspirational videos. The first video was talking about different strengths people have (like kindness, love and creativity). It was quite a powerful video. My favourite line off it was:

“Thoughts will become words. Words will become actions. Actions will become habits. Habits will become your character. Your character will become your destiny.”

I thought this was quite powerful because my mum is always telling me that the way I talk will become my character. I always thought that words can’t change who I am.

The second video was of Steve Jobs giving a speech at a university graduation. He talked about three different events that define who he is. His three moments were:

  • When he dropped out of college
  • When he got fired from Apple
  • And when he got pancreas cancer

He was very inspirational when he was talking about having faith about where life will take you. He talked about how you will not be able to connect the dots when looking forward in life, but looking backward. I thought it was pretty cool.

 After that class we went onto Peer Skills 2&3. We talked about the way we deal with conflict. The lesson was pretty rushed and most of the class was being really noisy and distracting, but it was still an alright lesson. I think Mr Pfanner is a good teacher, just sometimes the class can be quite rowdy.

Josh - Bright P-12

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