Jacko Reports on His Day Print

Righty ho. So on Tuesday my group (2b) had CLP’s and yoga in the afternoon. We were all very productive with our CLP class and I was impressed with the whole of 2B’s work ethic. Then we had yoga, well let’s just say that it was interesting, very interesting. We found flexibility we knew we didn’t have and we found it in places we didn’t know we had it. For me my left side was super stretchy but my right side I had to work on for a bit till it freed up. Then after all of the crazy named ‘down dog’, back the front kid, giraffe stretches, we had some deep relaxation. Well for Brad and I, we were very relaxed, so much so that he and I were snoring in 5 minutes and then had to be woken up! O well, I caught up on some much needed rest any way so that was fun. Then for evening class we had a local iron man competitor (guest speaker) and he told us about his determination to get to his goal to do one and it took him 30 years to be able to do it. He was very inspirational and if I could swim half as good as him I would call myself a fish! Ok not really much else.

Jacko (Jack Jones Mt Clear)