Saving the World through Community Service Print

On the 25th of November groups 1B, 2A and 2B participated in community service. 1B walked along the beach near East Cape, we picked up rubbish as we went along that we then recycled what we could. We also collected sea spurge an introduced species of plant. Everybody gave a helping hand to find the smallest to biggest sea spurges we could find. This helped the beach by delaying their spread over the sand and soon taking over. Along our journey we came across a blue tongue lizard.

Core 2 went to Point Ricardo to do community service, they walked down the beach and back collecting whatever came in their sight. Once returning from their service they sorted out what they had found on their journey. By collecting this rubbish we have helped to save our world, it only may have a small impact but at least it is a start.

Also on the 25th of November 1B and 2A had passports at different stages throughout the day. 1B were very determined to get criteria’s completed as well as working on the creative side. This was easy as there was silence and hardly anybody talked. Everybody made the most of the lesson to get as much done as possible and we believe that part of the reason was not wanting to do any on rest day. 2A also had passports and did great, whilst doing this there was a lot of talking going on about where they were at in their passports unlike the other group.

By Holly (Alkira S.C) and Jackson (Mt Eliza)