Lets TOAST to Yoga Print

Today at Snowy it was a very chilled out day for everyone mostly. So I’m in 1B, we had yoga until morning tea then we had passports until lunch then we had T.O.A.S.T (teaching others a skill or task). I joined in on rugby and making sock pigs but before that I’ll explain yoga. We all got into the van to go to the airport, yes I know it’s a very weird place to go for yoga but at campus it was too “distracting” for it so we drove about 2 minutes down the road to the airport and it looked abandoned to all of us. We checked the books as it said it was used five days prior so we were all surprised about that but then we moved some tables back and we rolled out our mats. We began the class of one hour or so but we warmed up then we were just going through some partner up stuff then we got into my favourite bit of yoga, relaxing. So we laid down blankets over us and eye pillows over our eyes then Ms Beck put on some meditation music with a lady explaining the body and telling the mind not to move the part she was saying but put attention to it. After about 5-10 minutes I zoned out and accidently fell asleep. Best sleep ever, I might add and then we went back to school and had morning tea.

Sock Pig - Panda by MitchWe worked on our passports for an hour or so then after lunch we had to get ready for T.O.A.S.T. I was in rugby to start with so it was a bit wet outside but we still went ahead with it. Eddie and Kirk showed a bunch of people how to play rugby, it was a fun 20-25 minutes. Then we went inside and changed over so I had to go to sock pig making and that was actually good surprisingly. I could do it and I was very proud of myself. But people said it looked like a panda so I just went along with it and said I did my own thing as I usually do anyway.

Blogged by Mitchell B, 1B 2013 term 4 from Alkira SC