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A Letter to the next SSL student from Bradley Print E-mail

Dear Student,

My name is Bradley Smith and I am from Kooweerup S.C. and I have arrived here in term 4 2013 and as I write this there are 10 sleeps till we all go home. I have placed this note in this book to inform you of how much fun you are going to have. I was here on a nine week program and I am having the time of my life, but at the start of the program I missed my family so you will miss your family but if you push through you will have the time of your life.

Bradley - Koo Wee Rup SC




Today was a good day - a poem by Zoe and Brad Print E-mail

Today was a good day,
We started with CLP,
We got many issues out of the way,
Cooperation is the key,

Brad’s group finished the master plan,
Zoe’s group finished their plan for presentation day,
We went with the attitude of ‘we can’,
We hope it shall be a good day,

Community Service is what Brad did,
He walked on the beach,
Hopefully he helped a little kid,
Brad luckily found no Leach,

Zoe did Yoga,
Everyone was sound asleep,
They luckily didn’t have to where a Toga,
It helped her muscles a heap,

Gender night is on tonight,
We hope we don’t end in tears,
It will set our hearts alight,
We are writing this in DEARR,

We now say goodbye,
We hope you enjoyed this read,
Please don’t cry,
Go and do a good deed.

Zoe and Brad




Jacko Reports on His Day Print E-mail

Righty ho. So on Tuesday my group (2b) had CLP’s and yoga in the afternoon. We were all very productive with our CLP class and I was impressed with the whole of 2B’s work ethic. Then we had yoga, well let’s just say that it was interesting, very interesting. We found flexibility we knew we didn’t have and we found it in places we didn’t know we had it. For me my left side was super stretchy but my right side I had to work on for a bit till it freed up. Then after all of the crazy named ‘down dog’, back the front kid, giraffe stretches, we had some deep relaxation. Well for Brad and I, we were very relaxed, so much so that he and I were snoring in 5 minutes and then had to be woken up! O well, I caught up on some much needed rest any way so that was fun. Then for evening class we had a local iron man competitor (guest speaker) and he told us about his determination to get to his goal to do one and it took him 30 years to be able to do it. He was very inspirational and if I could swim half as good as him I would call myself a fish! Ok not really much else.

Jacko (Jack Jones Mt Clear)




Saving the World through Community Service Print E-mail

On the 25th of November groups 1B, 2A and 2B participated in community service. 1B walked along the beach near East Cape, we picked up rubbish as we went along that we then recycled what we could. We also collected sea spurge an introduced species of plant. Everybody gave a helping hand to find the smallest to biggest sea spurges we could find. This helped the beach by delaying their spread over the sand and soon taking over. Along our journey we came across a blue tongue lizard.

Core 2 went to Point Ricardo to do community service, they walked down the beach and back collecting whatever came in their sight. Once returning from their service they sorted out what they had found on their journey. By collecting this rubbish we have helped to save our world, it only may have a small impact but at least it is a start.

Also on the 25th of November 1B and 2A had passports at different stages throughout the day. 1B were very determined to get criteria’s completed as well as working on the creative side. This was easy as there was silence and hardly anybody talked. Everybody made the most of the lesson to get as much done as possible and we believe that part of the reason was not wanting to do any on rest day. 2A also had passports and did great, whilst doing this there was a lot of talking going on about where they were at in their passports unlike the other group.

By Holly (Alkira S.C) and Jackson (Mt Eliza)




A Poem by Izzi Print E-mail

When you’re at Snowy you learn not to care,
about petty things like brushing your hair,
you learn to run with your gut and think with your head,
to believe with your heart and see with your six senses,
and your common sense.
You’ll see it in our eyes,
the glint of knowing,
of knowing what it’s like to be part of something great,
of being part of something we will never forget,
and are proud of.
We will never forget anyone,
we will never forget the memories,
we will never forget.

- Izzi Hally
Elwood College




Lets TOAST to Yoga Print E-mail

Today at Snowy it was a very chilled out day for everyone mostly. So I’m in 1B, we had yoga until morning tea then we had passports until lunch then we had T.O.A.S.T (teaching others a skill or task). I joined in on rugby and making sock pigs but before that I’ll explain yoga. We all got into the van to go to the airport, yes I know it’s a very weird place to go for yoga but at campus it was too “distracting” for it so we drove about 2 minutes down the road to the airport and it looked abandoned to all of us. We checked the books as it said it was used five days prior so we were all surprised about that but then we moved some tables back and we rolled out our mats. We began the class of one hour or so but we warmed up then we were just going through some partner up stuff then we got into my favourite bit of yoga, relaxing. So we laid down blankets over us and eye pillows over our eyes then Ms Beck put on some meditation music with a lady explaining the body and telling the mind not to move the part she was saying but put attention to it. After about 5-10 minutes I zoned out and accidently fell asleep. Best sleep ever, I might add and then we went back to school and had morning tea.

Sock Pig - Panda by MitchWe worked on our passports for an hour or so then after lunch we had to get ready for T.O.A.S.T. I was in rugby to start with so it was a bit wet outside but we still went ahead with it. Eddie and Kirk showed a bunch of people how to play rugby, it was a fun 20-25 minutes. Then we went inside and changed over so I had to go to sock pig making and that was actually good surprisingly. I could do it and I was very proud of myself. But people said it looked like a panda so I just went along with it and said I did my own thing as I usually do anyway.

Blogged by Mitchell B, 1B 2013 term 4 from Alkira SC




Stories by Madison and Mirra Print E-mail

Mirra - expo
start of something great,
2A becoming closer,
hard, yet amazing.

Story by Madison

Short story displaying the second day of Three day Expo! By Madison H Richmond- Elwood College

The paddle dived deep into the murky river as the canoe turned; the cold rush of the waves against our faces chilled us to the core. The wind was against us as the tides swarmed over the sides, we could hear thunder in the distant spooking some of the crew members. As we tried to regain distance against the wind we had lost distance with others that were too exhausted to continue. The captains rescued one crew that had smashed against the rocks as it slowly pulled them down stream. When we pushed onward crew members were motion sick against the side, the breaks we took didn’t help only making the next haul harder.  The only joy seen from the cold barely life-ful crew was the hope to make it to lunch, we had been promised hot drinks. As we staggered out the team was battered and bruised some unable to move from the seats as enthusiastic crew members dragged them from the seats and shoved them against a tree. The refuse was a near-by dunny, as we huddled together it smelled a horrible smell but the warmth was worth it. The first check-point was complete… but I don’t think we will make the next.

Madison and Mirra




GPS Navigation, Personal Prep and Environmental Bike Ride Print E-mail

Mitch (Daylesford SC)
- Hello everyone yesterday I had personal prep to start with. It was really good, I cleaned my room and did some passport work. Then I had GPS nav it was really fun. I learned how to use a compass and a GPS navigator, we were put into pairs and had to complete a challenge and who ever found them all first won! I didn’t win but I still had fun.

Alice (Kaniva College)
- Hello everyone yesterday my group had environmental bike ride all day which was very interesting. I learnt a lot of new stuff about the environment and what logging is as we went along our journey. It was a long days’ bike ride, but it felt so good when we got back to campus and we could just relax. I had a great day and felt like I learnt a lot of new information.




Environmental Bike Ride with Katie Print E-mail

This morning Cassie left for expo so she was unable to write the blog with me today.

Environmental Bike Ride with Katie

For yesterday 1A had the environmental bike ride which ran all day and went for around 30km. As far as I know everyone really enjoyed the trip, even with all of its ups and downs. One of the downs being accidentally leaving the water in the back of the bus when we left for our journey, however we were able to make a stop along the way when we had almost completely ran out and picked up another few litres. I believe that we all got quite a lot out of the day and learnt quite a bit about the environment that we passed through. All round I really enjoyed the environmental bike ride and it has been one of my favourite challenges so far at Snowy.

-Katie- Daylesford SC




Rest Day #6 Print E-mail

Yesterday we had Rest Day but 20 of us had work to do we had to catch up on Passports. While we got to work the other people played chess and went surfing. We all got lots of work done over the 3 hours that we all worked and most of us are up to date for class. We had 2A to host evening class so we played games like space jump, ‘thank god you’re here’ and had a great night.

Josh - Mt Eliza and Katie - Daylesford




A Quick Update from Grace Print E-mail

Hey I’m Grace,
I have been at Snowy for 6 weeks now and it’s still awesome today. I had my last surf lesson I think and my passport has been coming along nicely. Parent visiting weekend was last week I had an awesome time and I didn’t eat that much chocolate.

My time here is really going so fast now, it’s scary. 3 or 4 weeks left, mental I know. To be honest I don’t really want to go home I love everyone and everything here. I’m going to miss it but I’m going to make the most out of it and I’m going to become a much better person than I am. Well I must be off dinner is soon. Love you all xox

Grace - Koo Wee Rup SC

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