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Time to Relax and Cool Down Print E-mail
Time to relax

Today Sam and I were student leaders on rest day. We kicked off the day with morning headcount as per usual and most of the students got straight into their passports. With them due in a week everyone is getting stuck into being creative and finishing of their criteria work. The t shirt committee started printing the t shirt design and getting them ready for the rest of the students. Most of the students gave it a go and learnt a new skill for the day. We worked hard until lunch with everyone doing something productive. After lunch 16 students went down to the beach for a swim to get a break from the passports and to cool off on the extremely hot day. The students that stayed back at campus watched the first ‘Harry Potter’ movie together and when the swimmers got back they watched the end too. We were each given a sunny boy icy for afternoon tea as a cool treat and then went into dear shortly after. We had a yummy tea made by the cooks. For afternoon class we were shown a movie about a guy named Tim Cope. He travelled 10’000km by bike.




The Last Rest Day Print E-mail
Last Rest Day

It’s really sad to say that today was our last rest day and we only have one week left until we have to leave all the amazing people at SRC. We kicked off our rest day with a bang by going down to the beach for a swim in the morning. Everyone ended up going even though I, Ashleigh wasn’t too keen I ended up having fun and I, Kaspar, tolerated the freezing water and made the most of the last swim. In the afternoon people got to work on completing the t-shirts and they look pretty cool. A few people went down to the beach again in the afternoon while the rest of us stayed back to watch ‘Sky High’, work on passports or relax. To make the day better we got cake because it was Lucca’s birthday and I would have to say today was the best rest day ever!!

Ashleigh and Kaspar, Wanganui Park S.C

And here are some random photos of us.

View the photos from the last rest day



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Marlo Challenge

Yesterday Kat and I were student leaders. It was a really fun day because we had the Marlo Challenge in the morning. In the afternoon Core 1 had Coastal Environments and Core 2 had POL prep.

We had Marlo challenge in the morning and that was really fun getting off campus for the morning. We had to walk around Marlo to take photos of the certain things that we saw. You had to write a description or just memorise the pictures then go walk around Marlo find the object and take a photo from the same angle. Dean was in the ‘Smarties’ group and Kat one of the other teams. Kat’s team was a bit better than the Smarties because they didn’t come last. The Ninja Turtle’s team won the day taking the victory by less than 10 points. So congrats to the Ninja Turtles.

POL prep was really fun because we were able to work on and almost finish our POLs and that is really handy because they are due on Friday. I didn’t really know what to do and how to present it but I just got all of my information together then I will work out how to go from there, I hope before it is due. The class was really relaxed because everyone knew that there wasn’t very much time to complete them so they had to do as much as possible. My goal was to work really hard and to get most of my POL done and I think I did that really well because that lesson was really fun.

Dean – Warragul Regional College

So in the afternoon I had Coastal Environments, we went to East Cape Conran and we built sea creations from the sea weeds, shells and sticks. Some people did a sand fish and some just did their own creations but it’s about originality anyway, it’s really fun and a good creative afternoon.

Kat – Elwood College




Last Time as Students Leaders Print E-mail

Dan: Yesterday was my favourite student leader day, I had a lot of fun being the leader and it was a good way to end my last time. I had personal prep in the morning and I just worked on my passport and POL, in the afternoon I had Yoga, it was really relaxing and a good time to fall asleep. I had a really fun time controlling the community with Ruby, what I don’t miss is eating last. ~ Echuca College

Ruby: Yesterday I really enjoyed being student leader with Dan; our community goal was to get everyone to dance every hour! My class was POL. I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s presentation. I was a little nervous about presenting but that all left as soon as I opened my mouth. I got good feedback from both teachers which was good. In evening class we received our photos back that were printed when we had photography class. It was good to see everyone’s photos that they took and they are one thing that we will get to take home in a few days. ~ Swan Hill

Dan - Echuca College and Ruby - Swan Hill




Creative Headcounts Print E-mail

As student leaders yesterday it was very hard for us both, everyone has just got back from expo and are trying to settle back in even though we have two weeks left. Our second last rest day has just been over and with everyone trying to get their passports finished off but also trying to make the most out of it. The day was planned ahead of us, we had Tim Cope who was an explore that travelled across Russia to China on bikes with one of his good friends Ryan. We watched through the HDTV link up with the Alpine School in the morning and everyone thought that it was very inspirational.

Lachie and I had to pick a community goal; it was very hard to choose a goal that no one had done already. So it was different and more interesting, we both decided that we need to put more efforts into the headcounts by doing creative headcounts by adding games into them so everyone was motivated for class.

Grace - Bright P-12 and Lachie – Chaffey SC




Chloe and Tara’s day as Student Leaders Print E-mail

Today’s class was quite interesting to say the least. 1A had their Presentation of Learning (P.O.L.) all day today. Although I felt like a stress head this morning trying to get everything completed and ready to go, it was a nice relaxing day. We were able to sit back and listen to what the other students had to say about their journey and the things they’ve learnt. The ways in which some of the students presented theirs were really different and engaging. If only I had an imagination like that! One played Jenga, one had a story book, one had a visual soccer metaphor, one had basketball knock out and the list goes on. They were really good and it was nice to hear some of the things they had to say about how the students here have enlightened their time here at Snowy and that none of us will be forgotten! It was a really good chance for us all to reflect on the things we have learnt, what has changed about us and what we want to do in the near future. Although none of us want to leave just yet, we all can’t wait to get home and catch up with family and friends!

Today 2A had raft building, it started with horrible pirate costumes and ended with the success of a well- built raft and pirate treasure. As a team we worked in harmony with each other and found it amazing how much we have grown and how much we have learnt about each other over the past 8 weeks.

Chloe- Swan Hill College and Tara- Chaffey SC




What an Amazing Day Print E-mail

Yesterday Chelsey and I were student leaders.

I woke up in the morning looking forward to the soccer drills that my friend Benjamin was running. It’s a nice way to start the morning and get energised for the day ahead. The HDTV link up ran well with no hiccups which was another nice way to start the day. The class that I had all day was Water Watch, which I helped Mrs Francis run. It was an invigorating way to spend the class. We learnt about the different ecosystems and the ways that humans have affected them.
After this we got to go swimming in the majestic Snowy River which was just purely amazing. We then returned to campus and everyone pitched in to help with the pack up. For night class it was a gender night. Chelsey and I facilitated the class, Chelsey looking after the girls and me the boys. It was a good night, just because of the respect that everyone gave me and shared about their experiences.

Justyn- Swan Hill College




Visiting Weekend Term 4 Print E-mail

I’m Tuyen, I was a student leader yesterday, the day before that and today. On the weekend it was parents visiting weekend as most of the families came to pick up their child on Saturday and return them on Sunday. My parents were busy so I stayed back here at Snowy River Campus, I enjoyed every moment that I had with some of my friends and teachers that took care of us. We went to the beach for lunch and watched the sun set during dinner. I have to say, that was such a beautiful sun set that I could ever see. Afterwards we watched movies for the whole night until midnight. Miss Moore made a midnight snack for us which were banana splits. I couldn’t ask for more, the teachers made it so fun and it felt like I was at home already. On Sunday we went to play mini golf in Lakes Entrance. Everyone was really good at it. After the long bus trip back to the campus it was over. The weekend flew so fast, even though I didn’t get to see my family I enjoyed everything that I did in this school.

Tuyen- Reservoir High

Well yesterday and today were our PVW (Parents Visiting Weekend). PVW was awesome we stayed at Lakes Entrance for the night and we had a bit of look through the town while we were there. After that we came back to Marlo, went to the Yeerung Gorge and then to Sailors Grave at East Cape for the afternoon. We had a great time on PVW but I’m happy to get back to the campus and see my friends.

Lochie D – Wanganui!

This weekend was PVW. I was one of the6 students who stayed back at SRC. We started with a swim at the ocean and then had a BBQ lunch. We also watched the sun set on the snowy while eating fish and chips, it was great fun .

Tara – Chaffey SC




Solo Leader Print E-mail
Katrina - Solo Leader

I’m Katrina and I was a student leader yesterday and our community goal is to be 5 minutes early before headcount and I did a great job on it. Well pretty much it’s a chill day because I just had my group in the whole campus because 1 group went Expo and 2 groups went caving. In the morning we did passport and I got so much work done cause I was pumping the music in my room. In the afternoon we did CLP and we finished our Master Plan after 6 lessons we had LOL! Also it’s fun being a student leader and doing it solo (forever alone).

Katrina- Elwood College




Kaspar and Lilly's Poem Print E-mail

Once stood two kids Kaspar and Lilly,
Student Leaders on a day not so chilly,
Most of the day,
3 groups were away,
This only left 1B to be silly.

2B left on a thrilling expedition
As 2A returned in an ‘all-good’ condition
Nothing much happened
We just kept to the trend
The trend of our usual tradition.

4:30pm we had our community walk,
Where people can gossip and walk and talk,
1 lap is all some could do,
Can’t be bothered for 2?
Us leaders shall give you a squawk.

Kaspar- Wanganui Park SC and Lilly- Bright P-12 College




Journey through the tunnel Print E-mail
enviro bike ride

Yesterday I was student leader and it was amazing, we did the enviro bike ride. I rode for the whole 26km, it was such a tough day but my expo team and I just kept our heads up high and just rode and in the end everyone loved it. Well apart from everyone having sore butts by the end. As for myself, yes I had a sore butt, but the next day I had a bad wrist. What an amazing day. I also found out that being here at the Snowy River Campus School for Student Leadership is that everyone here is amazing and they always support you no matter what the problem is. I also have learnt that the journey here is like a long dark tunnel, I didn’t know what was in the tunnel but I started to walk down the tunnel and now I’m just over half way through it and I have found so many people that care and support me. I hope they stay like this for the rest of my time here.

Lachie M- Wanganui Park SC

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