1A Raft Building Print

1A's beach landing

Yarr me hearties, I have a tale to tell of 12 lads and lasses wielded with cutlasses and bottles of rum setting off raft building on December 2nd. They departed the SRC and set off to their pirate training grounds down at Corringle Slips, enthused to search for the buried treasure hidden somewhere unknown to them.

 They unloaded their trailer loaded with the essential raft building equipment which they would use to cross the deadly body of water in their hopes of finding that treasure. After a rather long moment of planning, construction finally begun with the young pirates beginning to tie the barrels and logs together in attempt to make their seaworthy vessel, this was not an easy task  for the brave and daring pirates.

After what seemed like ages the vessel was finally complete and with a check over by Captain Pfanner and Captain Kristoff, the raft was finally deemed seaworthy. The ruthless pirates then geared up, before reading the map to determine where to go. Once that was done they climbed aboard and paddled off towards the Sandy Shore. They paddled and paddled until they finally reached their destination so they moored their raft and set off in hopes of finding the lost treasure. They trekked over sand dunes until they came across a rooster guarding the spot where the treasure lay, and very quickly they prevailed over the rooster and began digging. Buried below that spot was the treasure they had been searching for all along and they were delighted as any pirate would be.

They then trekked back to their vessel where most decided on the option to swim back instead of paddling once more. After an effective pack up back at the pirate training ground the departing once more, returning back to SRC satisfied knowing they had completed their goal.