Caving Print

Carly having an awesome time cavingToday 2A and 2B went caving. When we got to Buchan we split off into our expo groups. Half went to Wilson’s Cave and the other half did the Royal Cave.

I’m in 2B and we visited the Royal Cave first. We had a guide show us around for about an hour. It was really interesting in there because it has been around for so long. Heaps of decorations have formed inside which makes it look really pretty. After our tour was over we met up with 2A, had a BBQ lunch and had fun playing on the playground for a bit!

After lunch 2A went to the Royal Cave and 2B went to Wilson’s Cave. We got dressed up in our CFA overalls and the guides gave us helmets with head lights. We had to enter the cave through a tiny hole in the ground. Most of the time we were on our hands and knees or army crawling! There were only a few times when we were able to stand up. There were a few parts of the cave that were really hard to slide in because they were so tiny, but those parts were the most fun! By the end of caving we were absolutely covered in mud! We all had so much fun and wish we could do it again! Caving has definitely been one of my highlights whilst being at SRC.