2B Expo One Print

2B on their way to Dock InletOn Sunday the 25th October, 2B set out on their first expo. It started off as a pretty good day and the weather was holding up for us, so we set out for Dock Inlet. We decided to go via the beach the first day, then bush the second.

The beach was a hard long walk, but everyone enjoyed it. Carly led everyone the in right way as navigator; Finn made sure everyone was on time when setting off after breaks; Jess organized the team; Katelyn kept telling everyone to drink heaps of water as she had the welfare job; Chris was enviro, making sure everyone looked after the environment that we were walking on; Jayden did a good job of making sure no one was lagging behind; Matt was hygiene, carrying the groups toiletry needs; Eythen set up camp well; Steph did a good job of getting everyone to clean up after tea and as caterer I organized lunch.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold up for the rest of the night and it started raining just as we got to camp. We had to set up tents, so this stopped us from going for a swim in the inlet, which was sad. Instead we hung around the campsite and some of the team went and sat in their tents. It was nearing tea time, so we had nachos for entrée and then everyone cooked their own meals. After tea and after everyone had cleaned up, we went down to the inlet for review.  Kelsey ran the review because that was her job. We went back to camp after that and chilled.  Everyone then went to bed because we were all so tired.

The next day, we got up early at 6:20am and planned to leave at 8:30am. We ended up leaving camp at about 8:45am, which was still a pretty good effort. As everyone was still tired from the day before, we all kept stopping and starting, having breaks about every 45 minutes or so. It looked like it was going to be a great day, but by lunch time it had started raining on us again!  We all got out our gortex and it stopped raining, but we kept it on just incase. We ate lunch. We had wraps for lunch, as we did the day before. In the end it only took us about 5 hours to walk back to where we started, which we all thought was pretty good! Well done 2B for a great expo!