1B Surfing Print

Darcy and Tory catching some waves

This is Darcy and Tory. Today we had surfing at East Cape. The waves were not huge, but they were good for beginner like us. It was our second surf lesson of the term. In our lesson we learnt how to stand up. Everyone managed to get up at some stage and had heaps of fun. This time we only had one instructor, so it was a bit harder to learn things.

We saw Mr. Bourke, Mr. Porter and Miss Moore all down the beach riding the waves too. The water was rather cold, but we got use to it thanks to our wet suits. When we surf we have to wear helmets, lucky we did because I ran over Tory when I was surfing in and he was paddling out. We had a short break for morning tea which was a beautiful slice. Then we went back out to ride some more waves. Eventually the lesson was over, even though we didn’t want it to end. We would like to thank Mr. Pfanner and Mr. Conroy for taking us out.

After surfing we had our CLP class. Yarrawonga’s CLP is going great. We have got all the measurements for their veggie patch and have named it too. It is called ‘The Patch’.

Bright SC is organizing a triathlon to be held in town and is already looking for sponsors and people to help out.