Rest Day Print

Steph enjoying rest day

Hey Steph here. Today has been a rest day. Some people went on bike rides earlier this morning whilst others took the chance to catch up on cleaning, emails and just being lazy.

I spent the day relaxing with a few friends, emailing friends and family and even had a HD link up with my home school, Wanganui Park SC. The HD link up was to find out information about some things for our CLP, so we used this to our advantage and asked for some student opinions. Our home school liaison teacher said sure, which meant everyone out of our Wanganui group chose one person (friend) to come into the HD link up. We all chose one of our closest friends, which even brought tears to some of our eyes seeing our friend’s faces for the first time in nearly 3 weeks. We also got to see a few of our teachers, which was so cool. At first we started asking a few questions about our CLP and then they asked us about our life here. Everyone back home had no idea of what type of life we are living here at SRC so they had many questions and we had many answers. My favorite part was the hellos and the worst part was the goodbyes, but aren’t they always?

Anyway other than our HD link up with Wanganui many of the others have been outside playing ball games, watching the movie called John Tucker Must Die, reading books, writing letters and even a couple of the girls baked cupcakes for afternoon tea. A few people have been working on their CLP’s and even their passports.
Our time here at SRC is going so fast. In less then 3 weeks it is Parent Visiting Weekend and then less then 4 weeks after that its time to go home.  Time surely does fly when your having fun. Good bye. Keep watching this space for more updates from others.